PS3 Trophies Hacked

It looks like this happened a week or so back as a result of the various USB key based hacks on the PlayStation 3. Quite apart from allowing pirates to circumvent copy protection, it looks like the hack has given the green light to others to delve a little deeper into the PS3’s systems and enabled at least one guy to basically get whatever Trophies he’d like.

The proof of concept video below shows the user getting all the Trophies for the latest Spider-man game without any work at all. Surely missing the point entirely – let’s hope Sony have a way of detecting this as although the software in question clearly only runs on older firmwares, what’s to stop him syncing his profile with a PS3 on the latest system software?


Via our forums.

TheSixthAxis reminds readers that hacking your PS3 is wrong, invalidates your warranty and is potentially illegal.



  1. I wonder whether you can obtain the trophies through a hack. Load the game up and save it, then transfer the save file to an already updated PS3 but on a user tied to the same PSN ID and then sync it.

    I hope Sony bans anyone that does succeed in syncing hacked trophies.

    • I don’t think they should ban people who have done this the first time.
      I feel they on the first time: Reset the thropies, second time: ban the console if it then happens again then ban the PSN ID.
      That’s what I think they should do at least.

      • Or slimply block trophy syncing for the user and reset them. i don’t think you should get second chances when hacking trophies. It’s not like you can do it by accident.

        I don’t see the point in banning the console and I don’t think banning the PSN ID in it’s entirity is fair as it prevents you accessing games you’ve paid for.

  2. Even if someone does it, what do I care? They wont be on my friend list, so I’ll have no idea they have ever done it.

  3. I don’t get it. So what if he has loads of trophies. how does that ever affect me? Its like hacking a score of 99999999999 into a game. It doesn’t really metter as it’ll make no difference to my gaming life…ever.

    • It may not matter too you, but it may matter to people who likes to compare them to others(usually their friends) either for bragging rights or for challenging each other. To those(and me) it would matter alot, you would never know if one of your friends(or the ones you compare the trophy list) with have hacked the trophies or not.

      • Well, if they go from level 6 to level 100 overnight, you might have a clue

  4. Haha excellent. My mate will probably buy a ps3 now because of this. He has a very strong case of OCD and needs every game he plays to be 100% complete. He only bought a 360 when he knew he could hack any cheevos he couldn’t get legit and said he will do the same if the PS3 ends up the same way.

    • thats not OCD thats just plain cheating coz 100% looks better than 93 lol

      • LOL i’ve told him that before, but he stands by the fact that its OCD. I just call it lazyness ;)

      • It’s not OCD he’s just a complete wanker. Feel free to tell him I said so.

      • Charming ;)

      • Yes I am, much to the annoyance of many happily married women :)

      • LOL I’m sure ;) :)
        Don’t worry, we do constantly remind him that he only does it because he sucks at games

      • Is it just games that he su.. *looks at Naughty Step*.. uhm.. never mind.

      • :P one thing I would say is the guys who work out how to do these things are incredibly clever. I’ve seen my mate hack some achievements on the Xbox and there are several steps to it. Was impressed.

      • tuffcub on the naughty step or i get the belt

    • He really doesn’t sound like he’s got much going on in his life to be like this. Sorry, but it’s true. People are strange. :-)

      • To be fair he’s not as sad as he sounds. He goes out, has a full time job, etc he just has to have everything neat and tidy and that includes his list of achievements on the Xbox. As I mentioned above, I reckon its just that he sucks at games ;)

  5. This is f****** (pardon my french) annoying. You can see that even the 3 trophies is unlocked at the same time i.e 20:01 it’s poswsible as they are stackable, I’m the same. But he can hack a different time on all trophies until Platinum and nobody will recognise unless all trophies and a Plat was unlock at the same time as we all know is a hacker right there. That pisses me off (again sorry) I love games and I love trophies as I mentioned before it gives me a challenge and another reason to play the whole game like F1 ( 7 seasons ) it will last long for me not like Terminator Salvation lol.
    I hope SONY can ban this dude and seriously cut your damn nails yesh!!!!

  6. I find that the trophys are pointless anyway, whats the point in having 30+ plats? i wount get you a girlfriend.

    seriously though it would only be a massive problem if you could transfer your trophys into cash for psn. im noy saying its right though

    • I don’t need a girlfriend with my 58 plats I have a wife already lol

  7. If trophies gave players access to extra stuff (like discounts on the PSN store or something like that) I can understand people’s frustrations but people who hack don’t actually hurt anyone else so I can’t see the problem really. Besides, it takes so bloomin long to look at someones profile I can’t say I’ve ever checked out a friends profile to see what trophies they have. I love the system, but only as a means of having something to aim for, not to compare myself to anyone else.

  8. Rumour has it you have 2 PS3’s…you use Jailbreak and this app to hack your trophies on the lower firmware PS3 then do a Data Transfer to your other PS3 which is uptodate with it firmware and then sync.

    Rinse and repeat as many times as you like to get your trophies…I am quite sad at this and hopefully Sony can stop it…

  9. you have a point

  10. I saw this on the web the other day, im sure i remeber seeing that the timestamp the hack puts on there isnt the correct one as in all same date and time which isnt too good.

    But whats the point in hacking these?
    if there was somethign to gain then yeh maybe, but i liek the challenge, i was so chuffed when i got my plats on AC2 and Uncharted 2.

    Its like peoepl that buy a game then buy the walkthrough or look it all up, waste of money, they are there for a challenge… not to just hack and walkthrough with ease.


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