PS3 Trophies Hacked

It looks like this happened a week or so back as a result of the various USB key based hacks on the PlayStation 3. Quite apart from allowing pirates to circumvent copy protection, it looks like the hack has given the green light to others to delve a little deeper into the PS3’s systems and enabled at least one guy to basically get whatever Trophies he’d like.

The proof of concept video below shows the user getting all the Trophies for the latest Spider-man game without any work at all. Surely missing the point entirely – let’s hope Sony have a way of detecting this as although the software in question clearly only runs on older firmwares, what’s to stop him syncing his profile with a PS3 on the latest system software?


Via our forums.

TheSixthAxis reminds readers that hacking your PS3 is wrong, invalidates your warranty and is potentially illegal.



  1. id rather get them legit thanks, plus its all good hacking the trophies but the moment you try and sync its not gonna work

    • Read my post on page 2 of the comments, there are ways around not syncing…

  2. I didn’t have my sound on – but it didn’t look like he got the beautiful ‘ping’ so I say the jokes on him!

    • Yup, gotta make love with trophy sound ‘ping’

  3. I can understand why people would hack a machine to play pirated games but hacking for trophies is just a bit sad.

    • I hope he’s a guitar player with those nails but his Neo Angelus name points to something more vampire/twilight.

  4. But I don’t get it! Trophies are there for replay value only, they don’t give you anything like points you can use on PSN to puchase things… which would actually be very cool, so what is the point of people doing this?

  5. I know one situation when I would definately use this, if I had a trophy glitch on me and not ‘pop’ when it should have done. It bugs the hell out of me when that happens. I remember having to play through Condemned three times because a couple of the achievements would not pop for some reason.

  6. Sony needs to send a sniper after this guy immediately.

    • they should get the snipe from team fortess 2 or the heavy

  7. Why do this? Just spoils it for everyone :(
    Anyone who’s does this should have a perm ban slapped on them, and a bullet made with their name on it!

  8. 1) The hack is pointless as he can’t sync them to PSN as he’s on old FW
    2) Trophies in general are pointless in the sense they don’t mean anything.

  9. How long is his thumb nail!! thats a bit odd!!

  10. Well thats pointless really ….

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