PS3 Trophies Hacked

It looks like this happened a week or so back as a result of the various USB key based hacks on the PlayStation 3. Quite apart from allowing pirates to circumvent copy protection, it looks like the hack has given the green light to others to delve a little deeper into the PS3’s systems and enabled at least one guy to basically get whatever Trophies he’d like.

The proof of concept video below shows the user getting all the Trophies for the latest Spider-man game without any work at all. Surely missing the point entirely – let’s hope Sony have a way of detecting this as although the software in question clearly only runs on older firmwares, what’s to stop him syncing his profile with a PS3 on the latest system software?


Via our forums.

TheSixthAxis reminds readers that hacking your PS3 is wrong, invalidates your warranty and is potentially illegal.



  1. This is ridiculous, the guy says he’s a “fan” and he’s made this app for the “fan’s” such a waste of space, and he has such a high opinion of himself that he thinks he won’t get banned by Sony as he has “such a high knowledge of the trophy files”….grrrr

  2. The guy has very long fingernails.

  3. The prick must have hacked my trophies because Lara Croft GOL doesn’t seem to give out trophies when a task is completed.

  4. It may be pointless to hack Trophies, but im much more impressed that he was actually able to do it.

    this man has a talent in hacking.

  5. this angers me

  6. Bloody chops!!!

  7. Pointless, utterly pointless!

    How tough is it to prove that you can steal candy from kids, pick the wings off of a fly or even rob banks? Not in my book..

    Trophies are about replay value, challenging yourself and the joy of earning that hard-to-get gold or even platinum trophy… Getting them by cheating totally removes that joy and the bragging rights towards friends etc. are based on nothing but a lie.

    Using a hacked PS3 to edit flags in trophy-files … wow, what an achievement. Doesn’t even count as a bronze in the “hackers-game” IMO.

    Just my 2 cents, Trophies FTW!


  8. the guys not even signedd into PSN he dont even sync them to prove you can keep them these people are so pathetic you cant even keep the trophies so what really whats the point in this ?

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