TSA Goes Mobile

TheSixthAxis now has a funky new mobile interface, formatted to fit the majority of smartphones (although it looks best on an iPhone).

To get to it, ensure you’re logged into TSA and simply visit https://www.thesixthaxis.com/i and the site will do the rest, taking you to our dedicated version of the site.

You can then bookmark the page, and if you’re on an iPhone or iPod Touch you can save the bookmark to your Home Screen where the little icon will appear.

The Mobile version is currently in beta, which means there’s a few bugs we need to iron out and a few bits and bats to add, but at the moment you can see the featured stories, the last twenty posts to the main site and get quick links to the main site and the forums.

We’ll be expanding on all this as we go along.

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. yey!

    Looks great

    • excellent. can now read the articles while sat on the loo

    • I’ll echo that, really good work nofi.
      If this was an app I would’ve paid for it btw, I guess that’s just not how you roll ! : )

    • it doesn’t work with the nokia e63 :(

  2. Now i can haunt the website whereever i go.:P
    Good luck with the mob site Nofi.

  3. ill give it a crack on my HTC Desire and ill tell you iff theirs any problems :)

    • I’ve tried it on the Orange San Francisco (ZTE Blade) Android phone which has a 480 x 800 screen and it works perfectly, so you shouldn’t have any problems with your HTC Desire…

      • Works perfectly on the desire as far as I can tell, haven’t seen any glitches yet. Nice work.

  4. Cool, TSA has always been a bit of a pain to navigate on my phone. Will the videos work ok? I know they won’t on iPhone but are they present for us flash-happy device users?
    I’ll try it out once I finish flashing the new Cyanogen nightly :)

    • The YouTube clips will divert to the YouTube app, I think.

      • YouTube clips just open full-screen on an iPhone. You never leave the internet browser.

      • Oh Android they play fullscreen on the YouTube app, when you press the back button it sends you back to the browser, so from a user point of view the experience is no different than running it in the browser…

  5. I often go on TSA on my phone, so this’ll be useful!
    Great improvement :)

  6. Ooh, that looks so much better (and the little icon is nice too).

  7. Excellent – no longer kills my Blackberry.

  8. Excellent, I was thinking of asking if TSA was ever going to get a mobile site, I use my phone to go on TSA quite alot now so this is great news for me, thanks =)

  9. Aww, it didn’t work from my phone =[ Don’t know whether anyone else has had any problems with Android or if it might be an issue with my screen size (I have a motorola milestone).

    • Looks good on my android phone (HTC Desire)

  10. Looks great, well done.
    Any chance of a full fledged TSA app?

    • What would the app do?

      • send you a message everytime steven posts in the forums ;)

      • Take ages to develop, be a pain to update, offer little more than the site already does, annoy us if it’s not free, annoy you if it is, and then get banned for the apple store for breaching some insane Jobsian rule of some kind.

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