PlayStation Phone Codenamed ‘Zeus?’

Well yesterday was a bit of a whirlwind wasn’t it?  It started off with the claims that the PlayStation Phone is real, and ended with CB laying the proverbial smackdown upon the whole situation (he’s our hero).  Engadget are remaining resolute though, and have been openly talking about the phone which they say is “still real”, and codenamed ‘Zeus’.  Nobody tell Kratos ok?  They had the following to say:

“The PlayStation Phone in the photos we ran last night, and the device reported on back in August is most definitely real. We’re not saying that because we want to believe or because we’re gingerly trying to nab pageviews: we’re saying it because we know it to be true. This is a device which has been confirmed through multiple, trusted sources. And we’re not just talking good tipsters — some of our information comes from people much more closely connected to the project. Even since last night we’ve received more info about the phone — learning that its codename is “Zeus”.

While there will be plenty of speculation on whether or not what we’ve shown you is real, we would never run the images or the information without a healthy sense that we were bringing you fact, and not fiction. We don’t like to boast, but as the guys and girls who brought you the first pictures and review of the Nexus One, the first details and images of the Dell Venue Pro (aka Lightning), the first pictures of the new MacBook Air, the first photos of the iPad, and the first photos of the iPhone 4, we feel pretty confident in our abilities to deliver the goods. Of course, this story is just beginning — so hold on tight.”

They also went on to talk about the ‘Z-System’, which was spotted running on the phone by an eagled eyed reader.  Apparently this is linked to, which is owned by Sony Ericsson, who has also trademarked the name which is described as “software for interacting or playing with electronic or video games”.


It’s like a Scooby Doo mystery.

Source: Engadget



  1. Looking forward to hearing more.

    And here. Take a Scooby Snack. For yer hard work. ;)

  2. I’m not up for a new phone til June now so I’ve got high hopes for this.

    I still believe its real, and trust Engadget, so exciting times are ahead!

    • Engadget are a massive site and there’s no way that they would go all out on it being real if it wasn’t.

  3. interesting one this, even the Metro has picked up on it, publishing the photo that is on engadget!

    Though I thought there was talk that if there ever was a playstation phone, it wouldn’t be ‘ericsson’ branded?

  4. Yesterday’s fiasco was an embarassment to the ‘industry’. The phone’s clearly coming.

    • Is there a slight chance that product is real but the images provided with the story are mock ups ?

  5. My contract is up next week, it’s going to be a long wait and difficult to hold off whilst waiting for official news on a release window

    • If I was you,I’d jst upgrade now. It will be out around the time a new 18month contact ends. If it was a standered PSP it would get released Xmas next year, as its a mobile it dosent really have a window to be launched in…maybe summer next year when the iPhone 4s gets out.try And take a few iPhone upgraders

  6. In the words of British Sea Power; “What’s your maximum? Do it Zeus!”

  7. I’ve told Kratos and he will be coming to kill zeus again.:P

  8. God of phones?

  9. Back when I paid attention to Sony Ericsson _ALL_ their phones had girl codenames. This means that if this Zeus phone is real it’s probably not beeing developed by SEs regular phone people, possibly by a Sony hardware team instead. Probably good news for the game part of it.

  10. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be a current gen psp wrapped up in mobile phone packaging. It’ll have no chance against the 3DS. And if it it can at least have 3G and be on par with the latest smartphones….
    Bring on PSP2…

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