Boom, Here’s The PlayStation Phone

“It’s hard to believe that what we’re looking at is real,” says Engadget (thanks, AJ), “but we assure you, the picture above is in fact the PlayStation Phone you’ve long been waiting for.”


Yes, this is the PlayStation Phone, apparently. Engadget seem to think it’ll be running Android 3.0 (as expected) along with a customised Sony branded Market which, judging from the PSP-like controls, will be biased towards games.

Spec wise, you’re looking at a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and a 3.7 – 4.1 inch screen, and has a Micro SD slot. Controls wise it looks like a PSP, but with that multitouch pad thing in the middle.

Remember that we’re looking at what Engadget describe as a prototype here.

Over to you.

Update: Some sites are claiming Sony have said the phone is “fake”. Sony have told TheSixthAxis that they don’t comment on rumour or speculation.



  1. Looks good about from not using M2. Wonder if RemotePlay will work on Android.

  2. DO WANT.

    • *takes deep breath* still doesn’t have two physical joysticks. I wonder how well the touchpad might work in it’s stead. Having Android is a big plus too. I could see this being my new phone when my contract is up in two years. Too early to judge of course but…..

      DO WANT.

      • i’d imagine it’d be fairly hard to slide shut/cumbersome if it had physical joysticks


      • ha ha true, but I do agree that two joysticks is much prefered instead of the rubbish touch screens. I hate gaming on them.

      • Even though they’re not physical, I’d imagine the two touch-sensitive pads would be just as good. Just have to get used to something different that’s all.

      • All very true statements. I meant the little nub thingamajigger on the PSP, not “legitz” analog sticks. Although… :D

      • I have an idea what about then little trackballs they have in htc’s and blackberrys! that would be great, and i would prefer something physical than touch sensitive :)

  3. I’ve been wondering when someone would release a competent gamer’s phone– always seemed like a no-brainer. Now here’s hoping Sony aces the software side of this thing, not forcing all purchases through the PSN. Because if I can’t play emulated nes within a month of purchase, I ain’t buying.

  4. Hmm no analog sticks but atleast it looks like their will be a multitouch pad.Well it all really depends on the price because at 2011 winter(if it release on that date)They need to have the same or cheaper price then 3DS.

    • also i wonder if their will be 1 Android and just one for just gaming that will be chaper like ipod and iphone.

    • do you really want 2 analog sticks on your phone? really? i’m positive they’d get in the way, and hinder form and function. it is still a phone at the end of the day.

      • To me, at least, it looks like there are 2 touch joysticks, the touchpad has 2 dots on it that look ideal for that sort of application.

        As for the phone, I would be embarrassed to get that out of my pocket. This concept artist got it so right –

      • Why embarrassed? When shut it looks exactly the same as all the other Android phones. I think it is a pretty nice design, as long as the touch pad has decent analog stick representation.

      • @ wuntunzee: Ah, i was wondering about those dots but ‘touch joysticks’ make sense.

      • @Wuntunzee, how is that right, it’s horrid, like the original PSP but a hell of a lot worse.

  5. Amazing. Very glad it’s Android, that just makes sense really. Also, the toucharea could easily work like analogue sticks anyway. I have a game on my Nexus One that simulates a joystick with a circular touch area and it works very well

  6. Didn’t sont mock apple in their latest psp add about having a mobile as a gaming machine?

    • Sony*

    • yeah but this would be a hybrid, of phone/handheld, not a phone with good gaming capabilities

  7. Interesting to see if this will lead to psp only games on the android app store. Will be good if it does, psp quality at low prices.

  8. Is this actually the PSP2 or.. just a “Playstation” Phone?
    I’m a bit disappointed by the Qualcomm.. and I wonder how that touch pad will work.

    • Seems like Sony are putting out both a PSP2 and a “Playstation” branded phone. It sounds to me like they’re lobbing out as much new hardware as possible to try and get the market back from Apple and Nintendo.

      And that touch pad looks like a genius solution to the analog sticks issue.

  9. I’m sold, awesome its finally seeing the light of day. it’ll be interesting to see what differenciates this from PSP2.

  10. Bought. Day one. Fo SHO!

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