PlayStation Phone ‘Officially’ Unveiled

After leak upon leak we finally have the 110% official showing of the long rumored PlayStation Phone. As expected, the phone is going to be called the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, and it was officially revealed during the Super Bowl on Sunday. The advert that reveals the phone begins by showing a man hustling through busy streets before heading to an industrial factory of sorts. As he heads in to a back room, you see everyone’s favorite green Android lying on a table with his hands nubs wrapped up. As another man in the room starts to unwrap them, you then see that the Droid now has human thumbs stitched on. The commercial ends by showing the Xperia Play itself, and it looks to be the same model that has been repeatedly leaked on the net.

Still no word on exactly when we’ll get to see it but if we’re to take the ad to heart, it shouldn’t be long.

Source: YouTube


  1. Hah, at first I thought it was a commercial, and the sewed-on fingers were kinda creepy …

  2. Good commercial , the Andy is very cool .

  3. That is cool. A bit creepy but clever and quite cool

  4. Will be interesting to see what happens to the PlayStation Suite on this as surely the big win will be for the emulators available on Android & the multitude of freely available games to play on them.

    Good teaser ad ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

    Although given the low specs (like an early 2010 smartphone & nowhere near 2011’s class of Android devices) & the fact it’s not a full-flavoured PlayStation Phone it feels little more than a stepping stone to a real one coming at some point in the future.

    • Agree. I’m not buying this phone, because it has a joypad and a playstation logo. It’s typically S/E to launch a phonee, which feels it’s to late the market.

      Also S/E has been shitty in updating their phones, this will properly not be getting the next android update for phones: 3.1

      Nah I’m waiting for next Android 3.1 phone with dualcore and a proper body.

      • Android 3 to phones? I thought Honeycomb was just for tablets?

  5. Where is the keypad?you have to use the touchscreen to put the number in don’t you?:(
    Will Kevin Butler be doing some adverts for it? It is a Playstation item.

    • You do realise the majority of smartphones that aren’t a Blackberry (e.g., from Apple and HTC) don’t have keypads? Keypads are so last decade.

      • have not had a Keypad mobile for ages.

    • It’s not a PlayStation item, it’s a Sony Ericsson item, with PlayStation software any buttons. I’m sure if you really wanted to you could use the D-Pad to go for that method.

  6. Still think the grey panel looks unfinished and sripped like the underneath of a vcr, very unbecoming.

  7. Cool – defintely looking forward to a nice new phone – bored of iPhones and Blackberrys tbh.

  8. Looks really good, but I don’t really need a new phone, so I’ll probably get the NGP and wait a couple of years, possibly get a later model.

  9. Cool add, nice to see it official advertised. Very, Very creepy though.

  10. Awesome, seems like I WILL get a hands on come the 16th.

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