Xperia Play (PS Phone) Specs Revealed?

Looks like the PlayStation Phone, likely to be dubbed Xperia Play, is more than just a ‘potential opportunity‘, with Engadget uncovering what look like the technical specs from a Chinese forum.

“Well, that was quick,” says the tech blog. “It was just two days ago when the elusive PlayStation Phone popped up on a Hong Kong forum, and now it’s back again in full exposure thanks to Chinese website IT168.”


“It’s now confirmed that said Xperia-branded device is powered by a Qualcomm Adreno 205 GPU, along with what’s likely to be a 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8255 as featured on the HTC Desire HD.”

“Interestingly,” continues Engadget, “Neocore is reporting an impressive 59.1fps benchmark, which is a huge improvement from our exclusive look back in early December. Quadrant also reports a high score of 1,733, but hey, there’s no saying that this is the final build, so the graphics performance may get even better.”

Other things found in the leak include a large battery capacity (1,500mAh), a 854 x 480 resolution 4 inch LCD screen, a 5 megapixel camera, half a GB of RAM (and the same as ROM), expansion friendly microSD and microUSB slots and a second mic, presumably for noise cancellation.

But most interestingly is the game launcher app pre-installed, which is called PlayStation Pocket and looks like this:

It’s (obviously) currently empty, but those tabs across the top say (according to this translation) All, Recently Played Games and Recently Added Games. It’s fairly obviously some kind of iTunes/App-like interface for gaming, but as to what those games will be – well, that’s anyone’s guess right now.

Let’s hope the same games run on the PSP 2…



  1. Seems to be on par with current top end Android phones. I guess the gaming controls and Sony software will set it appart from the competition.

  2. Hope the price is right.

    • There’s no reason for it to be overly expensive if they’re using off the shelf components & look to be the equivalent of the HTC Desire HD which has been on stores shelves for months now.

      Also the gaming slide-out pad is not really any different (mechanism-wise) than the slide-out keyboard on the Desire Z

      Both these phones are free on the £30 tariffs and even come with free gifts like PS3Slims or 360’s on ~£40 tariffs if you put a moderate amount towered the handset… This is miles cheaper than the iPhone4 alone.

      Perhaps Sony will want to charge a premium though?

      • Sony never do seem to want to look ‘cheap,’ do they?
        VAIO, Bravia, PlayStation, Walkman, etc.
        Not exactly the cheapest of all their competitors.
        While some of this is undoubtably cost, I think it is a marketing decision as well.

      • Well they can’t charge too much because they made that mistake with the PSP Go, proclaiming that “We can charge a huge amount just because it’s a new product” and that plan completely failed. They also have to look at the yet unannounced PSP2 and if people will buy both or see the PSP phone as a cheaper option.

      • The PSP Go was somewhat unique though because it was a rehash of an existing product that was still widely available. People just decided it was too much money for an aesthetic only upgrade.

      • Free gifts like PS3 Slim are for crappy phones with high tariffs, only dumb people think they’re “free”.
        iPhone 4 has a better OS, better battery, better hardware and more games n apps.

  3. Seems at the upper end of what’s on the Market at the minute buries well belowmany of the phones announced at CES the past few days, where dual core, 1gb of RAM and higher Rez better tech screens are the order of the day.

    Given the ‘Pocket Playstation’ appears to be an App running with Android won’t it just be hacked in a matter of days?

    Hopefully we’ll find out what games it runs soon, but PSP digital downloads and PSOne games will be well within it’s grasp

    • Actually worse than that… it appears to only support OpenGL ES 1.1 as opposed to 2.0 on last year’s iPhone and a range of Android one’s too

      So it’s 3D graphics performance may be limited, in the same way as when I try and download a new iPhone game on my old 3G

      • They need to announce it soon if they want any sales. I was tempted to wait for the PSPhone, but with these rumoured specs I’m slightly put off.

        It sounds like they’re going for a budget smartphone rather than a ground-breaking gamesphone

      • not to detract too much from it, the Desire HD is an absolute monster… but it last year’s monster.

        If the people do buy the Xperia-Play PlayStation Phone these specs will look positively ancient in the latter half of the their contract when an iPhone 5 AND 6 will be on the shelves along with a hundred Android phones.

    • Yup – been saying all along; it’ll play minis, psp1 and psone games.

      • To be fair, i bet playing mini’s and ps1 games on a mobile will out sell the psp2. Toilet/bus/train gaming is very popular, carrying lots of devices is not. so a phone that gives and expectable gaming experience will be lapped up!

    • This may simple be a PSP1 Phone with a PSP2 Phone on the horizon once the PSP2 is announced and released. Going with a lower spec but the PSP catelogue would give it a huge amount of games (and ones not available on other phones) and make a tidy profit without costing customers too much.

      All my phones have been “free” an on my contracts. Having a phone that didn’t cost me to upgrade to, played my PSP, mini and ps1 games and had the android app store sounds like a great device to me. Just wish it had a keypad.

      It could almost be a PSPGo Phone (but they probably don’t want to use the PSPGo branding.

    • Well suprisingly I found out that the PSP phone has nearly double the processor speed of the PSP Go and beats it in almost every way spec wise.

  4. There will be an iPhone 4 for sale when this drops ;-)

    • Which still wont have buttons so you will still be hammering a piece of glass to punch, fire missles or whatever. FAIL.

      • nofi! Don’t let reading a reply properly get in the way of a good rant. ;-)

      • Which is why there will be an iphone 4 for sale. HAe gaming with touch screen. Even the tilt style gaming tend to eff me off. Its just not the way forward.

        PSPhone will be awesome…. and will contribute towards less productivity at work :-)

  5. Doesn’t sound as powerful as the LG Optimus X2 with its dual core Tegra 2. But then again, not sure what the GPUs on each are like.

    But you can output 1080p over HDMI on the Optimus X2

    • Benchies so far show Tegra 2 to be an absolute monster, would be a real shame if the psphone was outdated gfx-wise even before launch :/

      • Having said this, buttons + emulators = happy!

      • Good point, that fact Android runs emulators, and this has gaming buttons = win

      • All Sony Ericsson phones are updated, even the new Xperia Arc at CES.

    • Not seen a HDMI port mentioned on this, which seems odd as nearly all phones launch with it these days

      • The new Xperia Arc has a mini HDMI port. I saw it at CES but apparent absence of one here is puzzleing. I also wonder if the psp phone will have remote play functionality?

    • It having emulators too could prove to be a sticking point if Sony were say to release the PS1 Classics series for the PSP Phone.

      With the PSX Emulator on the Android Market I’d say there’d be a significant proportion would rather just download the ROMs and pay a few quid for that app rather than say buy them off the PlayStation Store and transfer them over.

      But yeah, buttons plus emulators is great for games on Android. I tried playing a few GBA games on my Hero and whilst they’re playable a touchscreen doesn’t make them all that fun at times.

  6. I hope you can play minis you have bought on pss on this.

    • I think those are the exact kind of games that would/should work with this. It’s certainly powerful enough for that

  7. Want. Now.

  8. Seems a bit low for a “Playstation phone”, defiantly not aiming to compete with the PSP. A Tegra 2 solution, would have been much better.

    The problem I have with Sony Erricson phones, is the lack of updates for their models. They launched the X10 with an old Android version, they took ages to update it and when the update finally hit, it wasn’t even for the latest version. And now they have announced they will not update in anymore.

    I’m not gonna spend a fair amount of money on a phone, which will not get proper support and updates.

  9. Won’t it be hilarious if the PlayStation Pocket only runs Pocketstation games ;)

  10. It would be awesome to play all of my downloaded psp games, but I don’t know looks like it will be for the likes of minis

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