Boom, Here’s The PlayStation Phone

“It’s hard to believe that what we’re looking at is real,” says Engadget (thanks, AJ), “but we assure you, the picture above is in fact the PlayStation Phone you’ve long been waiting for.”


Yes, this is the PlayStation Phone, apparently. Engadget seem to think it’ll be running Android 3.0 (as expected) along with a customised Sony branded Market which, judging from the PSP-like controls, will be biased towards games.

Spec wise, you’re looking at a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and a 3.7 – 4.1 inch screen, and has a Micro SD slot. Controls wise it looks like a PSP, but with that multitouch pad thing in the middle.

Remember that we’re looking at what Engadget describe as a prototype here.

Over to you.

Update: Some sites are claiming Sony have said the phone is “fake”. Sony have told TheSixthAxis that they don’t comment on rumour or speculation.



  1. I want one, or a phone that I can remote play from. My contract is up in January. Any chance this would be out by then? Or what other phones do remote play at the moment?

  2. If this is real then its really annoying for me, I just got a new phone which i have to keep for 2 years :( bloody contract!

    • Article has now been completely reworded meaning that the fake story is in itself fake

  3. @Ryan1991

    very nice but do they actualy have proof that they have asked and got a reply from Sony? i dont see anything there? they can just say anything.

    • True but do Engadget have any proof that it’s real?

      • good point but all we can do is wait and see i want proof from sony it self.

  4. Also another reason how this could actually happen did you guys remember what the president of Sony Ericsson said? watch the vido on the link…

    he says they are big supprises in the coming months oh what could that be? the f*kin PlayStation Phone!

  5. I’m quite surprised by the finish they’ve chosen on the prototype (on the part that opens out). Still, the idea is a lovely one and I’d be for it, definitely.

  6. according to the dumb guys at now gamer… they said that they asked Sony and they said its fake. then they asked sony ericsson and they said they dont ocmment o speculation or rumor? why would they said that? wouldnt they say its fake aswell ? they are obviously lying to us.

    • I think everything about this is far from obvious to be fair. I wouldn’t read too much in to what anyone says at the moment.

      • true.. but we dont no if its fake or real yet we need to wait for comformation. and about now gamer they said they asked sony and sony ericsson? wheres the proof? and sony ericsson said they dnt comment on speculation or rumor? dont sony do that aswell? they dont just say it is fake.

  7. pictures are fake

    • are you ok? now gamer have got it wrong its just a game site claiming they have asked Sony and Sony Ericsson whers the proof they have asked them? i dnt see it?

    • I’m sure Jason’s fine, Dan. :-\

      I think they are fake too but only because Sony wouldn’t go with such styling on the bit that opens out. It’s not so much industrial looking as unfinished!

  8. God, I just saved enough to buy a PSP 3000 (only took two days and all, but still) and now I don’t know what to do. I’m assuming this won’t be out anytime soon?

  9. That looks great, being a prototype and all. My current cellphone is like 6 years old or something, it’s starting to fall apart and stuff.
    In other words, I want it. Badly.

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