Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in Action

It’s the device that doesn’t exist – the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Well, it didn’t get much of a showing at the recent CES tradeshow but that’s not stopping people posting up images and poring over more technical specifications that would make Stephen Hawking balk. How about some footage of the Phone in question?

Check out this hands on below where one lucky user got to check out such games as Biohazard (Resident Evil) 2 and Rage Racer on the new device (using an Android ROM emulator no less). Unfortunately there was no need (in these particular games) for the player to use the analogue pad, however.


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  1. Am I being an idiot, but did that say dual shock, meaning there is going to be feedback (and of a decent quality) while playing games?

    • oh and I wish I hadn’t watched this, I still really like the look of it. QUICK someone put me off!

      • How about this:
        Uses off the shelf components rather than bleeding edge tech and doesn’t have sufficient power to emulate the 5+ year old PSP.

        Saying that, its finally a phone with a proper control pad, so as much as I’m disappointed by a lot of its points, I still kinda want one

      • Maybe this is done so they can sell the PS app in the store for other phones to enjoy some PS1 love? It looks like an PS1 emulator running on Android and with this phone you get the fancy controller keys.. on other the emulated screen keys..

    • Well, every phone has a ‘vibration’ quality to it so why shouldn’t it be used while playing games? :P

      • Put like that, yeh true. I just haven’t heard of it being done before. Plus, I dont know about you but my iphone vibration has the distinct feeling of being limited. Does that make sense?

  2. Is it basically a small PS2 with a screen in a phone?
    If so, i’m in….

    • more like a PS1 in a phone. Rage Racer ( not ridge ) and RE2 were PS1 games.

  3. Dunno what to make of it. I would rather use my PSP for those games anyway.

  4. Looks neat, definetly going to get one of these.
    On a side note, this guys is going to run out of ammo before the first boss if he keeps playing RE 2 like that

    • I’d be surprised if he made it to the first boss if he keeps playing like that! He looks like he was struggling to make it out of the first screen!

  5. This is basically what I expected, minis and PS1 games. I’m not sold to be honest. I only use my phone for short burst gaming though if it has the standby mode like the PSP it might be ok.

    • Same here, I’m waiting for the PSP2.

  6. the aino put me off SE phones. Im going to do some research in the summer when its time to gat a new phone. Im gutted i didnt go far a smart phone instead of the aino.

  7. Thats a bit underwhelming to be honest. Something just not that exciting about it. Maybe 5 years ago this would have been amazing.
    Plus it says dualshock versionj, but the guy doesnt use the dualshock pads, Surely thats gotta be better than using the D-Pad

    • I’ve been completely underwhelmed by its spec, being based around last year’s mobile phone tech its going to be positively ancient (in mobile phone terms) by the time its released and certainly by the time you’re halfway through a two year contract.

      Saying that’s its a phone with a controller, something that is much needed

      • It has to start somewhere. This maybe as much of an experiment as the PSPGo was.

  8. Why would anyone want to go back to a dpad? It also appears to be using ROM Buddy? I don’t know much about Android but why would the Playstation Phone have ROM Buddy listed in the Playstation app?

    • I think that Android already has an emulator.
      I’ve a feeling that the Playstation games (whatever format) on this phone will be downloaded off the PSN, so they’d obviously not be up yet.
      The point of this phone would be PSN and controls, in my opinion.

    • Yup, it’s just ROM Buddy which any Android phone can do.

      The Pocket PlayStation App that we saw in previous pics isn’t shown in theis vid so we don’t know if its just Minis & the like or something more.

  9. How long will the battery last on this?

    I had an iphone for 3 months and the battery was shocking so playing games like Resident evil would surely anhilate the battery within an hour or so

  10. cool but really dont like the look of that d pad.rather than”roll”from input to input its like lift thumb, press, move thumb, press. hopefully the analog pads are ok.

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