Previously Purchased PSN Content Won’t Transfer To PS Phone

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the just announced PlayStation Phone, but we got some not-so-exciting news recently via Gamespot UK. According to managing director for Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland, Nathan Vautier, previously purchased content from the PlayStation Store will not be transferable to the Xperia Play. Here’s what Nathan had to say.

“[Xperia Play owners] will have to re-purchase the games, so it’s not totally integrated. I think the exciting thing is that there are games which people are very, very aware of.”

This is definitely some crummy news for anyone that has a fair amount of PSN content that will be compatible with the new device. Then again, if you’re excited enough about the phone to run out and buy it, you’re likely not going to complain about having to repurchase a handful of PSN games. Unless, of course, you’ve got more than a handful.

Source: Gamespot UK


  1. Well done, Sony…

    well done.

    • For third party titles this is kind of obvious. The deal Sony have made may not permit them to give it away on a new platform.

      For their own titles: Stupid move, as allowing it would sell a lot of phones for them. (And subsequently more games in the future)

  2. I have a disturbing amount to be honest and since my Motorola Milestone went tits up, I’ve been on the lookout for a new unit. This news certainly doesn’t endear me to the unit.

    • Yeah, admittedly, this is probably a much bigger deal than I made it out to be. If I was at all interested in the Xperia Play, this would really alienate me from it.

  3. Not excactly the best way to introduce a new product,but Sony does have a habit of getting this kinda thing wrong

  4. grreat way to look after & reward existing customers.
    not read anything about this phone as doesnt interest me, but im guessing u can link your current to it. That being said, what a bloody con/racket/swindle. (u get my drift)

  5. Well that was the main thing too buy this phone so I don’t think i will buy it anymore.

  6. No thank you.

  7. Sometimes you have to wonder if they are going out of their way to provide lousy customer service. This is a Sony phone that is compatible with the software that you have already purchased from Sony themselves of which they will have records to prove this yet you have to purchase it again as they can’t be arsed to integrate your account to their new product. I’ll stick to my cheap and cheerful phone for now and wait for the PSP2 for mobile gaming. That is if they don’t pull the same bs with that too.

  8. Well at least the content I bought on the Appstore will transfer to my new iPhone when I buy it later this year.

    This seems a bit pony to me, I mean surely you will be able to use your own PSN ID on the new device? Sounds like things are going to get a bit on the confusing side.

  9. Everyone’s bashing Sony, but isn’t the phone a Sony Erricsson? Surely the Ericsson part of the partnership would want to get something out of the deal.

    • And the Ericsson part of the “partnership” is what has driven the company to the fucking ground anyway. Sony Ericsson is a completely irrelevant company – I’m not even sure they’re amongst the top 5 mobile companies. If they want to make this thing work, they have to capitalize on every inch of the PlayStation branding; otherwise, it’s going to be a total walking [talki]ng disaster.

  10. They are practically begging now for it to be pirated to kingdom come from day fucking one. So even PlayStation Plus stuff won’t even carry over? Total disgrace.

    • Agree, it’s bullshit decisions like this, which creates piracy. I would buy more PS1 content for my PS3, if i knew I could use it also in PS Suite.

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