Previously Purchased PSN Content Won’t Transfer To PS Phone

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the just announced PlayStation Phone, but we got some not-so-exciting news recently via Gamespot UK. According to managing director for Sony Ericsson UK and Ireland, Nathan Vautier, previously purchased content from the PlayStation Store will not be transferable to the Xperia Play. Here’s what Nathan had to say.

“[Xperia Play owners] will have to re-purchase the games, so it’s not totally integrated. I think the exciting thing is that there are games which people are very, very aware of.”

This is definitely some crummy news for anyone that has a fair amount of PSN content that will be compatible with the new device. Then again, if you’re excited enough about the phone to run out and buy it, you’re likely not going to complain about having to repurchase a handful of PSN games. Unless, of course, you’ve got more than a handful.

Source: Gamespot UK



  1. Considering the Xperia Play (let’s stop calling the the Playstation Phone, which is grossly misleading), doesn’t play PSP, PS2, PS3, PSN titles it’s not really much of an issue.

    My understanding is the phone will play Android games, Playstation Minis and PSOne titles.

    Still why let facts get in the way of the usual Sony Hating tripe that gets posted here as “news”?

    • If you don’t like the site, which is the impression I get from your reply, why bother wasting your time reading its content and posting a reply?

    • Read the title of the website..

      Does it look like the name of a PS3 bashing site? Calling out a site that

      Plus the fact that the phone plays Minis and PSone title isn’t the topic at hand. It’s the fact you have to buy them again. Read what’s in the article before you post.

      • *post fail!

        *Calling out a site that is quite obviously orientated towards the PS3 community makes you look like a bit of a tool.

      • From time to time some articles do hold a mirror up to Sony about their processes and/or actions.

        Some people confuse that for ‘Sony hating tripe’

    • It as a Playstation buttons? yeah its a PS phone! :D

  2. I’m assuming that there’s a very very good technical reason why this is not possible. Surely it can’t just be a business decision can it?

    • of course, they’d never be that cynical would they? >_>

  3. If I was on the market for a new phone I would now no longer have an interest in this – surely (and obviously) part of the appeal is to existing owners of the Playstation brand?
    Basic marketing says that your existing fans are your most effective marketing tool, generating huge word of mouth at minimal cost. You cater to that demographic and you can then invest less in ‘standard’ advertising.
    This just reinforces my impression that so called ‘Marketing managers’ have no frickin clue.

  4. Wow, didn’t think sony would be so keen to drop the death hammer quite so soon! Bad choice! Bad, bad, bad…

  5. Fail.

    Well, it will be an iphone then. Sony seems intend on not selling their products. They succeded with me this time.

  6. No biggie really – I am getting one of these fo damn sho!

  7. It’ll be interesting to see the cost. Will they be the same prce as they are on the PSN or will they be at a reduced rate to keep them in line with iPhone apps. If it’s the latter then I guess it’s not too bad – annoying, but not the end of the world.

    But if we have to pay the full PSN price again then I feel that’s taking the piss somewhat!

  8. i could understand why you had to buy any umd games again for the go, but having to pay again for downloadable titles?
    i don’t believe this was done for technical reasons, they decided to do it this way, maybe it’s because of fears over piracy, but then this isn’t going to stop piracy, in fact charging people again for what they’ve already bought is likely to create a lot more piracy than there otherwise would, and i can’t honestly say i’d blame people on this occasion, if they’re just getting the games they paid for.
    of course many won’t stop there, that’s the danger when you alienate your customers.

    what was this though?

    when asked about the ability to transfer purchases. “I think the exciting thing is that there are games which people are very, very aware of,” he continued.

    maybe i’m missing something but it seemed to me that he totally ignored that question.

    now i don’t know if i would have ever got one of these, the thought of playing monopoly on it would have been a big draw though, but this has put me off, i have quite a few minis and ps1 games now, so i wouldn’t be happy if i couldn’t use any of them without having to pay for them again.

  9. Wow the logic here is a little harsh.

    Customer – “I have 50 PSN games and I want to play them on the Xperia”

    Sony – “Sorry, you’ll have to buy them again for your phone”

    Customer – “Screw you, I’m going to buy an iPhone!”

    Sony – “But won’t you still have to buy new games for that anyway?”

    Customer – “Shut up Sony, you big evil corporation. I’m buying an Apple product, they always look after their customers!”

    Sony – “But we already let you use your PSN purchases on up to 5 different PS3s, we also never said they would work on the Xperia when you bought them, and we’re telling you prior to the phone release what the deal is”

    Customer – “Quiet Sony, you’ve made me quite made enough by not giving me more free stuff. Screw you!”

    • Except uh, customers could just pirate it rather than buy it? What are you, living under a rock? If you’re shutting out Xperia Play members from their PlayStation Store purchases, which carries over onto PSP and NGP, then why even bother with the whole PlayStation name “charade” if it’s just on the Android market? Now head on over to the Sony intern room and get yourself another coffee, slave (ala Ari Gold).

      • Considering we don’t even know the reason why they won’t work it seems pretty premature to start getting in a flap don’t you think. Have a read of the release info ( and you’ll see that it may well be likely that even existing games need to be reworked for the Xperia Play. It could be a simple fact that previous games won’t be Xperia compatible until re-released but all newer games will be.

        White with two please.

    • when one of the selling points of the phone is that you can play the same games that you play on psp, asking you to pay for them again is a bit of a liberty.

  10. I can understand that some games will just not work on the less powerful hardware, but to buy the exact same mini or psone title again is ridiculous. Frankly, I felt similar about having to buy psn games on the ps3 and psp as most of the time they’re identical, and the psp version costs twice as much. If the ngp does this too it’ll put me right off – I’ve spent hundreds in the store

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