Boom, Here’s The PlayStation Phone

“It’s hard to believe that what we’re looking at is real,” says Engadget (thanks, AJ), “but we assure you, the picture above is in fact the PlayStation Phone you’ve long been waiting for.”


Yes, this is the PlayStation Phone, apparently. Engadget seem to think it’ll be running Android 3.0 (as expected) along with a customised Sony branded Market which, judging from the PSP-like controls, will be biased towards games.

Spec wise, you’re looking at a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM, and a 3.7 – 4.1 inch screen, and has a Micro SD slot. Controls wise it looks like a PSP, but with that multitouch pad thing in the middle.

Remember that we’re looking at what Engadget describe as a prototype here.

Over to you.

Update: Some sites are claiming Sony have said the phone is “fake”. Sony have told TheSixthAxis that they don’t comment on rumour or speculation.



  1. Is this real ?
    Hate to be a cynic but where’s the branding ? It lacks what every fake doesn’t, a Playstation/Sony logo.
    I’ll bet it’s by some Chinese copycat company called Suny… :D

    • yea it is real they is a site called now who claim they asked sony and sony ericsson and they apprently said its fake LOL if they asked them wheres the proof? sorry i dnt see anything so there for it is real.

      • Slightly skewed logic there. I asked my nan though and she said it’s real so is it therefore fake?

      • LOL the site nowgamer claim it is fake and sid they have asked sony and sony ericsson? where the proof they have asked them? sorry but i dnt see it?

      • Yeah, but where’s your proof that it’s real? If anything, it’s more believable to be fake based on it’s appearance.

      • I love TSA !

      • Dan, fella. Use all your keys on that keyboard and breathe! We’re debating it being genuine or not. This isn’t set in stone.

  2. Real/Fake

    Engadget have gone flat out and said this is real, they haven’t covered themselves saying its a rumour, or they have received info from a dubious source, they haven’t even allowed themselves a little get out of jail sentence at the end, they are saying it’s real, and despite some considerable time passing haven’t backtracked on the story.

    Nowgamer are reporting Sony have said it is fake, when it is known that Sony only ever say they “Don’t comment on rumour or speculation”

    Another thing we do know is that the SonyEricsson president said we’d be in for a big surprise in the coming months… I don’t think a new Android SonyEricsson phone qualifies as a big surprise, surely that would be a near certainty that a phone manufacturer would release a new phone. So what would be the big surprise?

    One thing we do know for absolute certain, is that one of the two sites will be eating humble pie and taking a credibility nosedive before too long.

    • Looks like NowGamer have backtracked – their story has changed to Sony’s official line rather than claiming they said it was “fake”.

      Original: Sony: ‘PSP Phone Is Fake’

      Now: Sony Comments On ‘Fake’ PSPhone

      • Interesting… wonder how many hits they’ve had in the interim and how many sites are now linking to them as fake rather than ‘fake’ which are two completely different things.


  3. now gamer are full of sh*t sorry but it has to be said just like what i have said before the site asked Sony if it was fake they said yes but oh wait there sixth axis got an anser from sony aswell and tey said we dnt comment on specullation or rumor? i thnk its real

    • Yeah, we know you think it’s real. You’ve plastered the comments saying so.

    • @dandan123 – learn to type properly, FFS.

  4. @djhsecondnature

    why keep on saying its fake then when its clearly not

    • I think it’s fake, but I’ve only said it once. I’m basing that solely on that image. Nothing else. You seem adamant that it’s real, and you might be right. But the sureness of your response is not backed up by anything other than your own intuition, which is the same as mine. The difference being, I know I could be wrong.

  5. Am not surprised Sony are saying its fake after all Sony themselves had openly said that they dont havbe anything to do with their Mobeil phone business they leave that upto Ericsson and they are keeping the Playstation brand to themselves theyve openly said that so dont go getting your hopes up its a bloody fake just some site trying to get more daily hits lol its pathetic

    • Sony haven’t said its fake, that article looks to have been completely made up and has been completely reworded anyway.

    • i agree with you its entierly up to sony ericsson and they havent said its fake so…

      • no its upto Sony. Sony have nothing to with their Phone business they leave that business upto Ericsson to deal with Sony have no part in it.

        By saying they don’t comment on rumour and speculation there saying its fake besides that lines way tooooo old now they either just comment on stuff or not say anything

      • How is saying they don’t comment on rumour and speculation actually saying its fake?

        That’s the sort of leap of logic a website looking for hits would make

      • sorry cc i wasnt at home when i rote that i was at me local as i was went out i had limited time wasnt really concentratin on what i was writing lol

  6. Interesting. I wonder if it is going to run more like a tablet than a phone? After all Android 3.0 is supposed to be targeted at tablets and not phones. Anyway it’s certanily of great interest.

  7. Guys, this is supposed to be a prototype!
    The S could be a placeholder for a PlayStation button – to bring up the XMB or connect and control a ps3.
    The A & B buttons (and C & D ?) could be waiting for X, O, /\ and square images replacements.
    The design is probably a little bit raw and hoppefully not final.

    Futhermore, nowgamer corrected their article and removed reference to fake answer from SE.
    Let’s wait, we’ll see.

  8. Like it but I thought it’d have better specs, been as Sony like to impress on the ol’ powerhouse front.

  9. check this out then the playstation phone

    • I do hope it’s capable of capturing video in 720p!

  10. Yay!! That’s me^.
    But anyways, I do believe that the little multitouch joypad will allow simulation of two joysticks judging my the little circles on it which seems like where you should place your thumbs.
    And I may as well just get this after Apple screwed me over again ( GAH!
    I’m so tired of my little slider phone. It just doesn’t satisfy me anymore…

    • Oh, and I do hope they come out with a white version. I don’t believe that this is even what it will look like going by Engadget’s description.

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