Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gets Patched

A while ago we brought you the news that some PS3 owners were experiencing problems whilst playing the latest Castlevania game.  At the time we made light of the situation, as it seemed to have been blown out of all proportion, but apparently is was serious enough for Konami to take note.  A patch is now available for the PS3 to help:

“Resolve the “save game” issues related to user interaction with controller buttons (PlayStation button and SELECT), or disconnection of the controller while the auto-save icon is on-screen. The patch will also offer cosmetic upgrades such as ability for the loading screen text to scroll improving user readability.”

An Xbox 360 patch is also in the works, with more information coming soon.

Source: Press Release


  1. Good stuff, I completed the game about 2 weeks ago and never encountered this problem but I did do back ups every save game lol.
    Going to replay it again on higher difficulty but I think I will still do make back ups just in case!

    • I’m playing through it at the moment, not had any problems. Except that I can’t put it down!

      • lol It is a great game and I loved it. It’s a keeper for me.

  2. Anyone who is interested. £22 @ Think Game may have it cheap too.

  3. Great game, nice easy patch too as a plus subscriber.

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