10k Done, More to Come

This morning saw something of a milestone for us at TheSixthAxis. We posted the site’s ten-thousandth article. More accurately, Lee posted it with his summary of TSA’s 84th most anticipated game of 2011, Conduit 2.

How apt that, for a site which started off as a small PS3 fansite, run by two friends with a love of gaming (as well as huskies, tequila, the ZX Spectrum and Manhunt), this landmark post was about a forthcoming game on the Nintendo Wii.

For me, personally, this symbolises what TheSixthAxis has become. In a little over three years we’ve branched out from Sony’s powerful black beauty to all aspects of console and handheld gaming. And our community has come along with us, every step of the way.

I often think that our proudest achievement here at TSA should be the fact that we’ve grown to rival some of Europe’s largest sites without losing the intelligent, fun-loving, passionate community that have grown up around what we do. We don’t tolerate blind fanboy nonsense but neither does ninety percent of our membership. TheSixthAxis is a very special place in the world of online game writing and that is thanks, largely, to you.

We work with some of the biggest names in the business now and we regularly receive praise for our content from people who really know what they’re talking about. Whether it’s publishers, developers or other outlet’s editors: people notice TSA and are slowly realising that we’re not just a fansite anymore. We really are starting to rival any UK-based site you would care to name. Our readership attests to that but so does our rapidly-growing reputation.

More than five million different people have read TheSixthAxis since we started and they’ve left over a quarter of a million comments on almost thirty million page views. That’s staggering.

So, this is just a quick note to say thank you. Thank you for coming along with us, thank you for supporting us, thank you for reading as many of those ten thousand articles as you had time for. Here’s to the next ten thousand…

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people we work with at publishers, developers and PR departments around the industry. Without the continued cooperation we receive from you guys, our jobs would be much more difficult.


  1. TSA rules. Simples.

  2. Congrats :-)

  3. I win the internet!!

    Seriously, thanks everyone for reading.

    • You do not win teh internetz. I rulez.

      • You’ve got to admit, in the high score leaderboards at least.

  4. Thought this was a post about running. Unimpressed.

    Note: Impressed really – Congrats to all involved. Except me. I only wrote about 10 of the 10k. And half of those where ghost written!

  5. Group hug!

    • In teh showerz of teh internetz?

      • If yoiu had seen what the TSA staff look like you would not say that. Peter is the only shaggable one.


      • Well then i retract my earlier statement. Not being shallow, just a lack of boobs…


      • Look at my disgraceful grammar… “i”…for shame.

  6. Congrats guys, hoping for more of the same in the future! :D

    Now wheres all the PC game reviews? Im available… :)

    • Somewhere in the deep dark depths of my PC… or not.

    • drop me a line with some examples of your work, please. We’ll talk ;)

  7. well done guys, you definitley deserve it. I’m glad to say that I use this site as the only place for the best information. Any other site I might look at, is no where near as good as TSA.

    Congratulations, and keep up the good work.

  8. not news?! this is huge news!

  9. well done. I dont think it is gonna take you another 3 years to reach 20k. probably until next summer ;)

  10. Congratulations guys.

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