TSA’s Top 100 of 2011 – #75 White Knight Chronicles 2

Though Level-5’s audacious 100 hour boy-becomes-knight RPG, White Knight Chronicles, failed to unite the role-playing community in harmonious solidarity, the game sold well enough in its native country to warrant young Leonard another go in his medieval mech.

White Knight Chronicles 2 is already out in Japan, picking up a respectable 33/40 from renowned Japanese magazine Famitsu. A sequel in the truest form, players can import their character straight from the first title into the sequel. In fact, to play the second White Knight, the main storyline of the first game must be completed. Conveniently, the sequel comes with the original bundled for free on the disc.

It’s a risky move, one that could easily backfire if prospective buyers balk at the idea of having to play one game to even start another. Then again, for those who skipped the first, White Knight Chronicles 2 surely presents a thrifty purchase.

We liked the first – Katy writing the definitive treatise expounding its various traits, virtues and flaws – and we’re interested to see how the gameplay updates – changes Japan’s reviewers noted as welcome over the original – sit with our resident RPG lovers.

White Knight Chronicles 2 has yet to receive a Western release date.


  1. Well a 2 for the price of 1 game seems like a hell of a lot of value for money and missing this 1st time round im going to be snapping this up as soon as its released.

  2. the first one was pretty good it felt like FFXI but a better looking version of it.

  3. Glad I picked this up on release… great game

  4. Will wait for the 2 in 1 :)

  5. cool then i will wait so i get 2games for the price of 1 :)

  6. I hope to gods…. that I can choose japanese audio

  7. No western release announced, but it’s definitely happening, as english voice recording has been confirmed as being currently underway for the game.

    The inclusion of the first game on the disc is news to me though, be surprised if we get that over here… but I may trade in my copy of the first game anyway and chance it.

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