Seven Minutes Of Dead Nation

Zombies. We’re getting rather bored of them, especially when they seemed to be turning up in every game under the sun with little reason other than ‘Hey, it worked for Call of Duty!’

It’s not just games, did you know that the next wave of Transformer comics will feature a crossover between G.I. Joe, Transformers, Star Trek (Original) and Zombies? Yes, Zombie Spock vs. Zombie Optimus Prime. Enough already with the zombies!


Stupid, brain dead creatures, being crowbarred into absolutely everything a stupid marketing person can think of.  There was a zombie in my Sainsburys’ ‘Be Good To Yourself’ chicken salad the other day. I turned on TV last night and what did I see on ‘I’m A Celebrity’? Zombie Lembit Opik munching on Gilliam McKeith’s lifeless body. They are absolutely everywhere and it’s driving me mad.


If only there was a way to take my frustration out on the shambling sacks of meat, using a variety of weapons to make their bodies fly apart in spectacularly messy ways….

Source: PS Blog



  1. I’m still looking forward to this. Still the 30th of November is it?

    • If you’re American then yes. 1st of December for the Europeans.

  2. I love zombies, they can do anything. Run, walk, stumble, eat, uh… moan, rip, uhm… tear, shred, ogle, err… buy CDs…?

    Depending on my wallet fundings at the time f release, I will defo get it.

    • Ogle? I’ve not saw a zombie to that, yet.

      • I know, that’s slander that is.

  3. Day one for me ;)

  4. I like the game, but i dont think people would want to WATCH 7 minutes of it though

  5. Day one for me too.

    I’d just like to point out this is possibly my first zombie game since I playes Stubbs the Zombie for mac about 5 or 6 years ago, so in games they’re still fresh for me. (Pun intended… They’re rotting corpses!)

    Oh wait, I nearly forgot Age of Zombies which I got for free.

    • If you like the genre, Get Dead Rising 2 … it’s really good!

      • by genre I mean the zombies … not the shooter genre :)

      • Alternatively dont. I’ve played Dead Nation and Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2 is utter pants, Dead Nation rocks and it’s much cheaper and more scary.

  6. Good looking explosions + zombies = awesome game obviously

  7. Can’t watch the vid as i’m on my PS3. Really looking forward to this and i’m getting a £20 PSN card specifically for it.

    Torn berween getting Shank, Castle Crashers or RDR Undead Nightmare. Any tips from you lovely TSA’ers.

  8. Think I’ll have to add this to my collection.

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