More PlayStation Phone Videos Leaked

Ok so maybe the previous video of the PlayStation Phone was as clear as mud, but the same can’t be said for the new ones below.  Coming from Engadget, they are crystal clear and show the phone in great detail.  It may be on the fat side (possibly a few too many gingerbreads?) but the screen looks gorgeous, responsive, and the slide motion seems to be as smooth as silk.  Suddenly my old phone seems a bit…pointless.

Source: Engadget


  1. I thought this was ‘lolfake’.

    Now who’s laughing?

    • I fought very hard to not put that in the article :oD

    • haha yes i told u are this is real!

    • haha yes i told all ov u this is real

      • you rubbing it in by posting twice ;)

      • Dandan had to post twice so he had enough letters to make a full sentence. :-p

  2. now its just down to the spec’s and i’m sold…probably.

  3. Is this a prototype or the final hardware design?

    • I’ve got the x10 and from the front it looks identical apart from 4 buttons instead of 3. Looks gawjus!!

    • it is hard to tell with the software it is running but i would say this is possiably prototype.

      • It said the android version running was called ‘Gingerbread’ on the first video.

  4. Glad O2 wouldn’t let me upgrade early to a Windows phone now…

  5. Wish I could see it! Stupid work internet!

    • Oh man you’re missing out! It has rocket launchers on it, a snack bar AND several aircraft carriers!

      • and a kitchen sink so you can make a cuppa whilst waiting at the bus stop

      • bastards! ;) does it have a soda stream?

      • A Soda Stream? That’s just crazy talk…

      • I like to ‘get busy w’it fizzy’ when I talk ;)

      • And a built in toaster.

      • The ironic thing is, it doesn’t seem to make calls! But the other stuff makes it cool as!

      • Who really wants a phone to make a call in this day and age though?

  6. i’ll take it sony wont be responding to rumours or speculation

  7. Tubby little bitch isn’t it! Sadly I upgraded my phone recently so unless this waits another 18 months to arrive I don’t think I’ll be getting it. Does look cool though, it would be nice to be able to play PSN Minis at work without taking in my PSP and looking like a dork.

  8. Mmmmm… Gingerbread. I love Christmas time.

  9. I don;t think it seems very responsive at all, the guy had to press a couple of things twice to make them work and sliding the menus didn’t look smooth either.
    Still, it’s a PSP phone, so very pleasing…that being said, download only, so not for me!

    • It’s stock Android OS, it’s not exactly finished yet…

      • of course, but that’s not even the main thing that puts me off it, it’s the download only games…it should be called PSP Go Phone…Sony didn’t learn

  10. ok time to start saving for one of these! I won’t be aiming for one for release (I would love to, but financially it’s just not going to happen!) but I am defo getting psyched for one now. It looks fantastic! It does looka little chubby… but I bet that makes it more comfortable to hold than the iPhone4, which I have found to be too uncomfortable on my dainty hands! :x

    • Gotta start saving too, maybe the next few years birthdays and Xmas presents sorted.

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