DCUO Beta Coming To US PlayStation Plus Subscribers

In a recent post over at the official PlayStation Blog, Grace Chen, Senior PSN Store Manager, has announced that a beta for DCUO will be available to US subscribers of Sony’s premium service. There have yet to be any details as to when the beta will launch (“soon” apparently,) and if it will be similar to the version that current testers and the gaming press have access to.


Launching early next year, DC Universe Online is the first major MMORPG to launch on the PlayStation 3, allowing players to create their own heroes or villains to fight alongside iconic characters such as Batman, The Flash, Lex Luthor and The Joker. So far there haven’t been any console MMO beta tests carried out in PAL territories, though it is likely we will see some activity in the new year.

Source: Official US PlayStation Blog



  1. I was thinking that somthing was bugging me about this article while I was reading. The picture has been flipped, Superman’s ‘S’ is the wrong way round, the image is flipped.

    • Good spot.

    • parallel universe, perhaps?

      • Nope. And Superman’s evil clone Bizarro doesn’t have the same style ‘S’. But I like where your going…lol

      • Its just a flipped, larger version of the small thumbnail used on the frontscreen.

      • @brendan yeah I get that.

  2. EU subscribers should keep an ear open for some news too. Not that I’m saying anything of course.

  3. Hope we get it too, im just going to make myself a Green Lantern, perhaps start a corps… or tsa could make one

  4. “So far there haven’t been any beta tests carried out in PAL territories” Assasins Creed Brotherhood, Killzone 3, Little Big Planet?

    • Unless the author means DCUO and not Playstation games in general

    • Console MMO betas. Updated.

  5. Awesome, I signed up for the Beta on this through the DCUO website, so if I get two codes one is on offer.

  6. I really want to try this! EU please! I’ll give you umm… Steve.

  7. I want that too :( and the red Faction beta :(

  8. I was exchanging e-mails with PR from Sony Online Entertainment. There are definitely plans for a beta in the EU, though whether it will be public like this one has yet to be determined.

  9. After a 15gb download i am now in the DCUO Beta, been playing for a few hours now and i love it, it has crashed a couple of times but it is only a beta

  10. too much work to do it outside the us again?

    i know, i know, i complain about this stuff at every opportunity, but that’s because they give me so many opportunities.

    so far it looks like you will never be able to play as batman unless you preorder from a us retailer, becuase they stated you will not be able to unlock him for the two on two arenas any other way than preordering with participating retailers, and so far they seem to have done nothing about setting up any preorder deals outside the us and canada, and it doesn’t look like we’re getting the collectors edition either.

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