DCUO Gets Priced And Dated

Sony Online Entertainment have today announced that upcoming MMO, DC Universe Online, will release on January 11th in the States and three days later in EU territories. The PlayStation 3 version will go on sale at an RRP of $59.99 (forty quid) with a monthly subscription rate of a tenner. SOE have yet to comment on whether subscription bundles will be available, and if PlayStation Plus members will receive an exclusive discount. However, they have come forward to announce a lifetime subscription which will cost a hefty $200 (roughly £150.)


DC Universe Online is the first ever subscription-based MMO to launch on the PlayStation. No one is a fan of monthly bills, especially console gamers, though SOE are confident that DCUO will garner a strong membership, as Chris Cao explained to IGN:

A little over a decade ago, people questioned subscription fees on a PC. They’d never played an MMO before and they weren’t sure why they’d pay monthly to play it. Then they stepped into those first worlds, lived online, and came to realize that the experience was worth the expense. The same thing is going to happen on the PS3. People are always willing to pay for good games, especially when they continue to grow and change. We’ve made a great game in DCUO and we’re going to keep adding to it with each and every update.

Information regarding in-game trophies has also been published, including 10 gold, 2 silvers and of course a prestigious platinum trophy:

The Queen’s Favorite (Gold)
Achieve level 30 as a villain mentored by Circe.

Criminal Mastermind (Gold)
Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Lex Luthor.

The Joker in the Deck (Gold)
Achieve level 30 as a villain mentored by the Joker.

Knight for Justice (Gold)
Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Batman.

Warrior of Truth (Gold)
Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Wonder Woman.

Champion of Earth (Gold)
Achieve level 30 as a hero mentored by Superman.

Acrobatic Ace (Gold)
Achieve level 30 as an acrobat.

Fearless Flier (Gold)
Achieve level 30 as a flier.

Speedster Supreme (Gold)
Achieve level 30 as a speedster.

Tanks Very Much (Silver)
Achieve level 10 as and gain the Tank Role.

Mission Control (Silver)
Achieve level 10 as and gain the Controller Role.

The Healing Touch (Silver)
Achieve level 10 as and gain the Healer Role.

Platinum Pace (Gold)
Earn a platinum medal in any race.

Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Earn every other Trophy in the game.

Source: IGN



  1. £40 then a tenner a month – no thank you!

    • Tis £40 RRP so probs £29.99 in shops, like on Amazon

    • Really, what did you expect? 10 Pounds for the game and 1 for every month played? This is normal for a proper MMO. Console games just aren’t used to it. Just be happy that you don’t have to pay XBox Live Gold on top of that.

    • unfortunately i agree
      i say unfortunately as since playing beta, have come to love this game(& i mean love)
      it will be a big miss

  2. Well i was slightly tempted after the beta, but £40 and then an extra tenner a month is ridiculous. Screw that!

  3. I’m really enjoying the beta, but I don’t think that I’d subscribe unless I had a couple of friends who would be into it, and I currently don’t.

    I would point out that these are really bad trophies, though – you need to create and get quite far in six different characters to get the platinum. I really think that multiple-playthroughs for platinums in open-world games is really poor design.

    • Yeah, that’s the only reason I’d ever be interested as well. I can”t see any of my mates picking up a copy and then shelling out 120 quid a year either.

      • That price was for a LIFETIME subscription.

      • oops, £150 for a lifetime sub.

  4. Liked the beta but I will never ever pay a subscription.

  5. F*** off its too expensive…

  6. Really enjoying the beta, if I’m honest, and hopefully the currency conversion of the monthly fee won’t go over a tenner. After how quickly APB died, I’d be surprised if they get a lot of people signing up for the lifetime subscription though ;)

    As for the cost, Play and Amazon both have the game at £30, and it comes with the first 30 days free anyway. If it’s like most other MMO’s, you should be able to quit and resubscribe at any time, and if it lives up to the promise for ongoing content for the tenner a month it should be good.

  7. Don’t get the out rage. It’s a reasonable price, alot of people sink tens and tens of hours into MMOs a month, It’s a 1/4 the price of a full game.

    • Also – It’s the first MMO to launch on PS3 but not the first on the Play-station brand. FFXI was launched on PS2.

      • And another thing (Should’ve been one comment really…), £10 a month is standard fare for MMOs, but whats also standard is the practise of discounts for multiple months. Pretty much all will offer a month for £7 if you buy 3 or 5 months at a time.

      • I agree.
        But you can buy a game like WoW or Guild Wars etc for £30 (rrp) at launch. So I think this is slightly pricey.

        I haven’t played the beta, but does it really compare to the scope and size of Warcraft? If it does, then yeah the £10 is worth it, if not, then you have to question that as well…

      • But that argument is somewhat void due to the inflation in prices of console games vs PC games :)

    • But a lot of people have already a lot of subscriptions to pay per month. This one would be just too much for me. You can’t just take a subscription on everything you like. A gamebased subscription is just too much for me because you need time to game but you also need time to work and earn real money to pay for your subscription. I just don’t see how I could make good use of my subscription without going bankrupt.

      • you cant really bring a shared tv into everyones/overall equation
        been gaming since 8/10yrs old, in 30s now & have never shared a tv

        each persons individual situation will decide if pricing appropiate, that 1 being urs

      • sorry meant to be under greyghots’ post

    • It may be a reasonable price, but in my opinion monthly subscriptions fail on consoles due to the set up. You have your PS3 in the front room on the big telly, so the time spent on it is monopolized. Also console gamming is usually all down to the next big thing. How many of us play a game for a few months then move onto another, or have 3 or 4 games going at once. If you pay a subscription your going to have to give the game your whole attention to get whats worthwile out of it. Which is better suited to PC set ups as they are normally availiable more to people then the TV would be and you can also log in on the laptop.

  8. Ouch. So who is cancelling there pre order now then.

    • Was never going to buy it :)

      I dont do subscription games, feels like a waste to me

  9. Why are people werid with the price?

    arent the PC MMORPG’s all around the Tenner a month… leave it a bit and the disc itself will go down in price but the monthly fees will always remain

  10. No thankyou, the Beta was quite cool but not worth £190.

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