Nintendo 3DS “Smuggled Off Chinese Production Line”

I want a Nintendo 3DS as much as the next man, but there’s always one that wants things a little bit more than the rest.  Take, for example, a Chinese production line worker that has, apparently, nicked one off the conveyor belt.

It was photographed, then (apparently) posted on this forum, although the thread has since been removed.


Rumours suggest it wasn’t for public supply, rather for one of Nintendo’s two 3DS preview events heading up this year before the innovative new handheld hits the shelves for us mortal (and morally adept) individuals to buy.

Mario Kart 3DS, I’m coming for you.

Update: It appears we incorrectly attributed this story to the wrong source. The source link below is now the correct origin of this article. TSA always sources its content and we endeavour to be as accurate as possible. Our apologies to 3DSBuzz for this oversight.

Source: 3DSBuzz.



  1. Gotta love the chinese leaking Nintendo for us. Although seeing it turned on also might have been something too.

    • Turned on? With some hentai perhaps. Could be a fake though.

      • Woah there, I meant some gameplay footage there

      • Some hentai is hilarious but that went a bit far… gameplay footage would be nice but not the Shakey cam way

  2. Well I hope he/she got enough money for that picture because chances are today’s experience at work won’t be the best :D

  3. What’s the point in nicking that when you haven’t got any games to play on it, and more than likely can’t turn it on as you don’t have the charger? Muppet, some people don’t think things through.

    • China – so it’s probably on it’s way to a knock-off company as we speak.

    • that’s what i thought, but it can probably play an old ds game. no 3d but still.

  4. I always chuckle when searching ebay for small but expensive items. The number of SD cards or Memory Sticks that are on there from China for a ridiculously low price! You just know they’ve been nicked from the factory!

  5. Yet people won’t complain that it has 1 analog stick. Looks nice though!

  6. production line working ? may want to sort that out sounds abit weird ;)

    but still it looks like a lovely piece of kit cant wait to bag one for myself

  7. Weird, all that just for 5 minutes of fame

  8. Nintendo handheld consoles – looking but ugly since god knows when. That truly is hideous. Then again, look how well they sell. There’s a message there, Sony.

    • Just proves that looks aren’t that important.

    • They have to look butt ugly at first, gives Nintendo a reason to make 100 more versions to get your hard earned cash.

  9. Looks very cool indeed, not sure about the white nub though.

  10. Actually over here in China, factories regularly over-produce orders and then sell the excess into the local market. This could have been what was done here rather than what most people are imagining is some poor worker shoving it up his jumper.

    It could have also been some factory owner who wanted to gain some “guan xi” which is our equivalent of bragging rights. If you were the only guy in the UK with a 3DS you’d think you were pretty special right? Same in China. Don’t assume all Chinese people are poor, the amount of porsches, bentley’s and other top end cars that go past me everyday might make you re-evaluate your misconceptions.

    • I agree, I know there is a lot of poverty in China but that is the same of anywhere in the world. China and it’s upper classes are actually rolling in it. You don’t come to be known as the world’s next supepower with only 3 packets of dried noodles you know!

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