Bethesda Dates Brink, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge

It’s hardly groundbreaking news, and on any other day we’d probably just have courteously nodded and stored the information internally, but as we’re at risk of turning into theNGPAxis today, here’s a few release dates of some upcoming console titles that might snap your attention away from bubbles, OPEC screens and a portable Drake.


Drowned earth FPS Brink will launch on May 17th in North America and on May 20th in Europe, while Hunted: The Demon’s Forge has also been dated for June 1st in North America and June 3rd in Europe.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll go back to drooling about a certain new handheld.

Source: Press release



  1. Really looking forward to Hunted. At least with it not being out until June I’ll get a chance to work through my pile of older games.

  2. I might be broke by the time they’re released. Too many good games out right now.

  3. Brinks been on the list of things to look out for, for a long time. very happy they know have a release date

  4. Brink looks insta-purchase for me. Looks absolutely superb, and given the track record it’s developers, no doubt it will.

  5. If I had been playing Brink for the past month I would say it’s very good indeed, but I haven’t, so I’m not.

    • ha ha, well thats nice to know Tuff.

    • damm you tuffcub and the things you get into that I want to!

  6. Damn, was hoping Brink would be out around April. Suppose KZ3 and MS:A will have to last me throughout March.

  7. I want a PSP2 …

    Oh sorry wrong article, there is just so many today to read I got a little bit muddled.

    On a related note I am very curious about Brink and those oh so long faces.

    • No one has spotted the very obvious thing Brink does NOT have..

      • Are we being suggestive.

      • I mentioned it in the mouse-over text on the image above.

      • Me and my smutty mind then.

  8. Brink isn’t grabbing me so far but I’ve read and seen interesting things about Hunted. They’re both released at a good time of year too when things are traditionally dying down over summer. Marketed right, they could both do very well.

  9. Brink is my biggest anticipated game of the year, can’t wait. Booky some timey off worky me thinks!

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