Uncharted on NGP (Video)

We’re still sulking a bit that we didn’t get asked to go over to Japan to see the launch of the NGP. We’d have sent Lee, he’d have spoken Japanese to people and brought back colourful packets of delicious sweets for us all. Still, we’ll no doubt get to see it at some point (soon, we hope) when Sony show it off in Europe.

Thankfully, Engadget were there with their camcorder to film the video screen in a very shaky manner. We’re not sure they’re allowed to do this but hey, if it gets us a look at Drake being all adventurous and stuff then we won’t complain too much. There’s also some demonstration of some of the cool control features.


Uncharted on this new handheld is being developed by Sony Bend and, judging by the early impressions we’re hearing out of Japan, it’s already quite impressive. We hope to get a look for ourselves as soon as possible.



  1. Love the bit when he stealth pulls the guy off the ledge.

    “さようなら!” [Sayounara]

    • I could have sworn I read this differently a minute ago.
      Do you have a magic edit button?
      For comments?!
      (Jealous face)

      [I am in your comments. Changing your words – Kovacs]

      • Kovacs, are you some sort of comment God

    • すてき!

      • Steak? ;)

      • Suteki: Cool, great, i love it …

      • ZANG! (Its the only eastern foreign I know, god bless waynes world)

    • Always pays to be stealthy when pulling off an unsuspecting man.

  2. It’s certainly looks visually impressive. Can’t wait to see how it plays in a less controlled environment though.

  3. Really don’t know why Sony don’t live stream their events and then publish all the official trailers to their website the second its finished like Microsoft, EA & even Nintendo did. Marketing basics.

    Anyway, looks amazing and is the killer-app for me, although Call Of Duty could well be for the masses.

    • Probably because it doesn’t have an official name. Surely that would cause a marketing conflict?

      • Are they seriously not going to pick PSP2?
        They’re clearly not stepping too far away from PSP in terms of design, it’s going to play PSP games, what else are they going to call it?

      • It HAS to have PlayStation in the name, and I duno whate else they’d end with other than Portable. As long as it’d nothing stupid I don’t care.

      • Why would they pick a name when they can have months worth of free press coverage guessing at the name. PlayStation Arc/Wave/Motion controller or it’s PlayStation Move.

        I expect some trademarks to be uncovered soon.

    • Because Sony’s marketing style seems to be that of the ‘they can’t have it so they want it’ fashion. Everything they make/ do seems to ‘leak’ onto the internet and cause a stir. I saw just as much excitement about the PSP2/NGP for months before today as for the 3DS which has beem officially announced for a long time.

    • They live streamed E3 in home and then uploaded it to the PSN Store. The problem with steaming this is that the entire conference was in japanese and live streaming it to people who cant understand would be pointless. It was an invite only event aswell so only select media outlets were there to cover it first hand.

      • E3 was and it was mind-blowingly amazing, but SCEA know how to do things with a bang, both JP’s TGS and EU’s GDC weren’t.

        Anyway, that aside uploading teasers of the games wouldn’t be hard although I suppose they’ll follow the shakey cam footage that way Sony get twice as many column inches. Perhaps they’re marketing genius after-all

  4. Looking very nice! Is this a new Uncharted or a PSP remake of the first?

    • Great to see this ain’t no remake, but a brand new story!!!!!!!!

      • I’m hoping to see that with this generation of handelds, and with this amount of power we will see more/ better games and les (bad) ports, although I wouldn’t say no to a port of MGS4… or 3 for that matter.

      • Could this tie in to the movie somehow? I believe the movie is based on the first game buthas big differences i.e. his dad and uncle. Poentially this could feature them in some fashion. Doesn’t really matter – we’ll still buy it eithe way!

        And anything MGS that releases for this would be epic, be it a remake, port, or whole new game. I think we can safely say at least one new Metal Gear will appear exclusively for NGP.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DpvqCd-bQ8&feature=feedwll
    Bit better quality here, and a bunch of trailers for other games too.
    Gotta say, the PSP2 (because I can’t imagine Sony settling on a different name when they decide one) looks fantastic, and could even end up more loved than my PS3. Or maybe even my Resi 4 playing PS2.

    • Thanks, some great looking stuff there. I’m getting excited about the potential for mobile gaming now! :)

  6. I loved the video and some nice little moves showing the new tech. My only problem with that climbing the vine using the back pad (which I thought was awesome at first) was how he had to hold it. I’ll be damned if I hold a £300 bit of kit that unstably!

  7. You could rub the back pad up and down in alternate motion OR ….you could just press up. :D
    Anyone know if this is just UC1 or if it’s like a Liberty City esque story ?

    • The level looks different from any in Uncharted 1, I certainly don’t recall the forward rope swinging.

      ….and that rear pad looks really awkward.

    • You could use your eleventh finger (or in my case my third arm).

      • Ah, so I’m not the only one with a third arm.

  8. Stunning!!!

  9. I hope for god sake that sony has a much better security against piracy on psp2 then it had on psp.

  10. Sugoi desu ne!!

    • すごいですね。

      • You need a ” on your ko there!

      • I think it is there, just you can’t see it very well at that font size. Also, why are Japanese fonts always so aliased on Windows?

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