‘Mega Minis’ Sale Starts This Week

Between the Christmas sale, January sale, and the weekly Store and PlayStation Plus discounts, you could be forgiven for thinking Sony had pretty much used up their generosity quota for the next year or so. But you’d be wrong, as today the Store team have popped onto the EU PS Blog to announce a massive sale on Minis over the next month.

There will be forty games on sale during February – twenty from the 2nd to 16th, and another twenty from the 16th to March 2nd – each down to 99p/€1.19. The full lists are below:


February 2nd – 16th:

  • Monopoly
  • Hero Of Sparta
  • Championship Manager 2010 Express
  • Zombie Tycoon
  • Stand O’Food
  • Fieldrunners
  • 5-in-1 Arcade Hits
  • Bowling 3D
  • DynoGems
  • Echoes
  • Red Bull X-Fighters
  • Arcade Darts
  • Bloons TD
  • VT Tennis
  • Tehra: Dark Warrior
  • Sneezies
  • Mahjongg Artifacts

February 16th – March 2nd:

  • Ice Road Truckers
  • YetiSports
  • Let’s Golf!
  • Pinball Dreams
  • Age of Zombies
  • Bloons
  • Brick Breaker
  • Bubble Trubble
  • Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess
  • Dracula: Undead Awakening
  • Vector TD
  • This Is Football Management
  • Cubixx
  • NormalTanks
  • The Mystery of the Crystal Portal
  • Alien Zombie Death
  • 4×4 Jam
  • Coconut Dodge
  • Aero Racer
  • Supermarket Mania

Anything you’re looking to pick up come the 2nd or 16th? It’s certainly refreshing to see some titles coming closer to their much lower iOS prices.

Source: EU PS Blog.



  1. May grab Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess after the fantastic reviews. But I’m not loading £5 onto my PSN account just for a 99p mini.

    • I find that really annoying. It’s why I didn’t get Uno the other day for 79p. Fortunately, I’d quite like to get Tetris as well, so these minis will be a nice bonus.

      • Why is there no edit?

        I realised I should mention that I meant the full Tetris, not the minis Tetris.

    • That’s due to credit card fees. It’s just not worth it for Sony to let you use that 99p on its own

  2. Ooh, might try to get Monopoly, Zombie Tycoon, Ice Road Truckers and Vector TD.
    I know it’s slightly harsh on the Devs, put 99p should be the price for all Minis imo.

    • I agree, perhaps the Playstation Suite will have that sort of pricing structure.

  3. Pinball Dreams for me.

  4. I think there’s some great offers there, but as I don’t play minis that much, and get two a month off of Plus, I’ll stay out of this sale.
    That and the fact I can’t hold all my PSP downloads on my pathetic 4gb memory stick as it is.

  5. Considering I’ll be able to play my downloadable psp games onto my NGP, I’m so getting a lot of these! :D

  6. The only mini I’d be really interested in “Flying Hamster” is not on the list. I hope it’ll be free for PS+ members sometime.

  7. oooh may have to pick some of these up too.

  8. Nice. I already have all the ones on those lists that I want (and some I don’t).

    Glad to see that they have included some real gems.

  9. Curses! I was really hoping for WTF?!, oh well Zombie Tycoon has caught my eye a few times so might grab that.

  10. Wow, awesome sale! Some real gems in there too, I’m seeing at least 13 ( O_O ) i’d happily pay 99p for, It’s just as well I got a PSN card over the weekend with Explodemon coming soon too.

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