Killzone 3 Leaked as Torrent

More bad news for developers, publishers and probably honest gamers. We’re hearing reports that Killzone 3 has been ripped and uploaded to torrent sites for dishonest gamers to download and run on their hacked PS3s.

The file is apparently the EU version of the game and weighs in at a hefty 41.4GB (with a non-3D version available at roughly half that) so hopefully the size will be enough to put off most people who might otherwise have been tempted. If not, this is the first major leak on Sony’s console and is sure to be causing some distress behind the scenes at SCEE and Guerilla Games.

We’re sure it will be just another incentive for Sony to work doubly hard on counteracting the security holes that have appeared in the console over the past few months and we hope that a swift resolution can be found without further impacting on honest gamers’ experiences.

In the meantime, we urge all of our readers to support the industry and buy their games.

Source: madfanboy, PS3News


  1. Two in one weekend?! Madness. I sincerely hope no-one takes advantage of this and I, for one, feel more inclined to actually purchase the disc having read that.

    It’s time Sony cleared house and got to the bottom of this piracy and leak issue. Bad times.

  2. How do these things get released into the wild! A real shame to hear this, hopefully Sony or Guerilla Games can block the online section to dissuade people from using the torrent. If I were Sony, I would release console bricking torrents into the wild, then the hackers never know if they are getting a real version of the game or a version that will brick their consoles.

    • Well it’s simple. The game goes Gold, or has a Review Build done. If it’s the latter, they head out to magazines etc. etc. and people have NDAs, but it’s still out in the wild, and pretty likely to get leaked.

      If the former, and KZ3 went Gold a day short of a whole month ago, then that build is sent to manufacturing. That means there’s a couple hundred thousand discs being pressed and packaged, then shipped to retailers. The discs will be with retailers shortly, and are probably in local warehouses.

      But just a single un-scrupulous employee out of the thousands that have access to the discs, and the game’s uploaded on the internet.

      As for why this is the first major leak, it’s just the size of the discs. Why would you bother uploading a disc if you know there’s no possible way anyone could use it? Now that they probably can, it happens.

  3. Gutted. Hopefully this won’t have too negative an effect on the PS3 and/or Killzone 3. I for one am still going out and buying the collector’s edition, day 1. Hope Sony can sort this out ASAP.

  4. I’ve already preordered my copy. If only these people realised all these games we love to play won’t even be made if they’re downloaded for free by a great number of people. You’re no just buying a game, but supporting an industry. Cliche it may be, but it’s been discussed on these pages by many people, and shame on all those who play their part in crippling the industry

  5. The Gaming Industry as a whole needs to punish pirates, but how :\

  6. Hopefully they’ll find the idiot who uploaded this and jail the scum!

    • Because you’ve never downloaded a single song/game/film/TV show in your life.

      • Let’s try to avoid personal insults, please ~ cb

      • Guess what BoyDay? I’ve never downloaded a film, game, song or tv show without paying for it.

        You know why? Because I’m not an arse hole, and I actually want to support the media I consume. How can you claim to love a band without supportingnthem by purchasing their music? How can you love a film without rewarding the team who made it by paying for it?

        It’s absolutely disgusting and pathetic to simply steal files for free.

      • He never said jail people who downloaded it. Downloading a game/song steals probably $50 from a developer. Uploading a torrent can steal millions. Maybe you should realize the difference before you start playing hero on here.

      • I’ve downloaded music but only for the simple reason is that i can’t get hold it any more. You try an get hold of some obscure UK Hip Hop from the late 80’s and then start preaching from your soap box about being ‘disgusted’ about people downloading.

        Your living in a dream world.

  7. By reporting on these leaks are you not advertising them to people? Personally I’ve never downloaded a game torrent and never would – especially for PS3 since I have no means of getting said torrent to play on my PS3; but I wouldn’t know of these leaks if it wasn’t for TSA posting stories about them, so if I was that type of person I’d be thinking “yippee, off to the torrent sites I go”.

    • That’s something we always consider (and the reason we don’t publish the file names or link to the sites they’re actually on) but we have a duty to report the news to our readers. If we don’t, they’ll read about it elsewhere and wonder why we don’t know about it.
      On a personal note, I prefer to think that the majority of our readership will be responsible with the facts. I also don’t agree with the notion that pretending it doesn’t exist will make it better. I think we need to know about this sort of stuff so that we can be aware of the harm it causes and the things it supports.
      For example, the PS1 piracy scene (and I assume all game piracy since) has contributed a lot of money to the paramilitary crime gangs in Northern Ireland. That’s piracy directly contributing to the purchase of weapons which end up maiming and killing my countrymen. As well as funding investment in the drug trade pursued by these same criminal gangs which, it could be argued, has an even wider and more dangerous effect on society.
      I think that the more awareness there is of this issue, and others like it, the more likely we are to shun it as a society. I would hope that the times these stories do appear on TSA, they are negative enough that we’re obviously not encouraging people.

      • “For example, the PS1 piracy scene (and I assume all game piracy since) has contributed a lot of money to the paramilitary crime gangs in Northern Ireland.”

        Can you come up with a source for that? I can’t see how the “piracy scene” would create any significant money for anything.

      • @Bladesteel I have no firm source other than the fact that I knew people who were associated with the organised crime gangs who used to to duplicate PS1 discs and sell them on behalf of their bosses at a couple of local markets (I also used to work at one of those markets). Back in those days a £40 PS1 game was selling for £5 and they sold thousands of them every week just at the one Sunday market I regularly witnessed.
        It has been widely written about in local press (along with the dodgy alcohol, cigarettes and aftershave/perfume they also peddled) but I have nothing solid other than my own experience. Since we got the illusion of peace in Northern Ireland they’ve stopped reporting on this sort of thing so much but there is now (or at least there was a few months ago) a stall at that market which chips Xbox 360s and sells homemade “local” porn.

      • @cb: Because porn is just ruined if it’s not local. I mean consider the environmental impact!

      • Wow. I never knew that PS1 piracy helped fund the paramilitaries in Northern Ireland. All the more reason why I hate piracy. Oh yes, and Halbpro, that has got to be the funniest relpy I’ve ever read here.

      • Here here CB. I can back you up on that living in NI. I don’t want to mention the name of the Sunday Market you mention so shall we call it “Cutts Norner”. If this is the same place then piracy is rife. Games, DVD, clothes, perfume. It’s knock off Nigels wet dream up there!!!!

      • @Bladesteel

        Here is a BBC report with a statement from the Northern Ireland Office stating Piracy contributes to paramilitary activity

      • I learned something new today, I guess it wasn’t as widely reported outside of the UK and Ireland. Hopefully that doesn’t happen as much today with copying over the internet taking over from selling actual discs. I’m amazed that it sells well enough that criminals do it instead of focusing (more) on drugs/booze/smoke/sex.

      • Wait… so piracy does fund terrorism!?

        Mind = blown

      • @Uhyve

        It’s probably a matter of any profitable crime funding terrorism. I just personally never really thought of piracy as a very profitable crime.

    • If said person was the type to download such files, they’ll know long about them by the time TSA has an article up.

    • I think those that are going to perform a copyright violation (piracy to those that love mislabelling stuff) will have other sources of information. TSA isn’t exactly advertising ripping games and jailbreaking consoles, more the other way around to the point where its difficult to have a discussion about the causes and effects of it.

    • Sony deserve whatever the hell they get now. They’ve made it their mission to destroy my rights and therefore will get no further support from me. No need to protect such a truly evil company.

      • I was going to write a response to this, and even though technically, this is a reply, I’m not going to give you the satisfaction you’re after of starting a debate.

      • I’m not saying that I plan to pirate games or anything. I’m just going to buy all PS3 games second hand from now on, Sony will get as little of my money as possible, did the same with Activision games after what they did to Infinity Ward.

        I guess I’m just one of the few people who believe that people should be held responsible for their actions…

        Okay, that last bit was a bit troll-ish, but it’s also true.

      • But surely by buying everything secondhand you realise that the people who make those games will get nothing from the sale and if more and more people follow that attitude then they will have to stop making those games.

        There is no way you can “hurt” Sony through your plan (although I don’t see why you would want to, or how them having pirates hacking their consoles and games makes them the bad guys) you will just be hurting the devs who make the game and possibly yourself.

      • I’ll be buying everything second hand because I realise that. The only thing the companies care about is money, so in order to make a difference you actually need to make it clear that their actions have consequences. Sure, I probably won’t make much of a difference, but I don’t want to be part of the problem and I know that Sony make their money not only from the games that they publish, but also for any game that is released for the system.

        And yes, Sony are the bad guys here. They’re trying to destroy consumer rights, which are far more important than some random company that a large amount of people for some reason feel compassion for. If Sony wants to protect their console, they can do it in a way that doesn’t hurt their customers, or I’m out.

      • Damn it, even though I didn’t give you the response you were after, the debate started anyway. Please tell how Sony are responsible for your consumer rights diminishing, I’m very interested to know.

      • If Sony and the developers are just making games to get lots of money, why are you buying them if its so bad? Second hand or not you are still buying these ‘Money making’ games, so i don’t understand your logic.

      • I want the games, I don’t Sony to have my money, so I’ll give it to Game. I know it’d be more of a statement to not buy them at all, but I don’t really care, I don’t feel like I owe Sony anything, in fact, I think that they owe me at this point… you know, since I paid for certain features, which were later taken away.

        How are they damaging my rights? This is gonna be a long one.

        First, I like to believe that when I pay for something, I own it. Sony are trying to take away that right.

        I also like to believe I have a basic right to privacy when doing something completely legal in my own home (like watching a random youtube video).

        I also believe that when you buy something, features shouldn’t be removed post purchase *cough*OtherOS*cough* (even if the feature isn’t useful to you, even the largest Sony fanboy must be able to recognise the ramifactions of such actions).

        Also, I think rootkitting your own completely innocent customers is wrong (google ‘Sony DRM’), especially when you expose their computers to viruses.

      • “I want the games, I don’t Sony to have my money”

        That’s like intentional theft, Why do Sony care all about money.

        A new Dvd film may be £10 when it comes out… It has a picture worse than standard T.V. broadcasts, and you’ll probably watch it two or three times.
        A new game may cost £40, It will be in high definition, it’s more fun, and you’ll use way more times than you will watch the DVD.

        So in theory games are not overpriced.

      • How would you like Sony to try and stop people hacking their system when they’re using otheros to do it? If you really dislike them so much, sell your ps3 and stop whining about it.

      • They’re not using OtherOS to hack the PS3, that exploit never went anywhere. Sony were just afraid that they might be able to, so they removed it (after promising that they wouldn’t). I’d link you to a video explaining how the new hack works, but I wouldn’t want to get you sued.

        You guys might think that I’m just being weird here, but seriously, take a look at other sites, you guys are in the minority, Sony are being massive ****s.


        If Sony want their systems to be secure, they should start employing white hats and stop relying on the legal system to make sure their system is secure, this is entirely their fault and I’m not giving up my rights in order to fix their massive screw up.

      • Jesus you are as bad as that muppet yesterday. They haven’t made it their mission to destroy your rights in the slightest. And as for being able to do whatever you want with it, that’s all well and good but when “what you want to do with it” involves mass theft and illegal activities then no, you don’t have the right to do whatever you want with it. You have in fact waived whatever right you had to do anything with it. I guarantee you that if you were a business owner and your stock was being stolen, you would remove any opportunity for the thieves to do that. And as for Sony only trying to make money, they are a business, what the fuck else would they be trying to do? Your arguments are completely ridiculous and you are just a plain troll, something I always thought was in very short supply at this site. You people make me sick.

      • People who give away their rights because they’re afraid that people won’t release games for their £300 toy anymore make me sick. Some things are more important.

        Seriously, people like you disgust me, people used to fight for their rights.

        Also, what I want to do with my PS3 doesn’t involve theft, I don’t think I could install a CFW even if I wanted to, since I fully updated when I bought LittleBigPlanet 2.

        You know, Sony once released something called Betamax and were sued. Sony argued that while their product allowed people to infringe copyright, the device had legal uses and therefore, they could not be held liable. Weirdly, Sony actually told people how to copy movies in the Betamax manuals but they still got away with it. Funny how Sony have kinda changed their tune…

      • How am I giving away my rights in any way? I have no intention of hacking my PS3 in any way, and, if you are to be believed, neither are you, although I don’t know how much of that is true. Which also begs the question, if you aren’t going to hack your console, what is your problem? You shouldn’t be having a go at Sony for trying to make their console as secure as possible, You should be giving out about the pirates and the MW2 hackers who have caused all this. Make no mistake I would never give up my rights as a consumer. You are just making ridiculous excuses for these arseholes to get away with their theft because you have some strange sense of self-righteousness and you feel you have to “stick it to the man”, even if the “man” isn’t doing anything wrong in the fucking first place.

      • “How am I giving away my rights in any way? I have no intention of hacking my PS3 in any way, and, if you are to be believed, neither are you”

        Do you understand how messed up that logic is? Just because I have the right to do something, doesn’t mean I will. And just because I don’t want to do something, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care about giving up my right to. Can you seriously not grasp that some things are more important than your stupid games console!?

        You are selling out your rights for a toy, do you realise how messed up that is?

      • Oh how terrible of Sony to release a console which YOU THEN WENT AND BOUGHT and remove a useless feature. On what F*****g planet are you on? They owe you. Really? REALLY? i’m sorry but you’re mental. There is no problem with Sony what so ever here, so why don’t you run along and cry over OtherOS being removed while mumbling to yourself about the money you’ve spent on a PRODUCT.
        YOU are the one that disgusts me.

      • Right, so because you don’t use something, Sony can just take it away, I’m really starting to think that people here are sociopaths, it’s like nobody seems to be able to feel empathy.

        Imagine if Sony took away a feature that YOU paid for, something that YOU use, maybe something as inconsequential as the ability to play AVIs. This is what is known as empathy, the fact that I need to explain this to you is worrying.

      • I know what empathy is. But hating Sony for this is wrong. And how i would feel? Well Sony removed the PS2 compatibility and yes I was annoyed, but i didn’t have a childish tantrum and start buying games that Sony got no money from. “Oh they’re not getting my £10, That’ll teach them!”

      • Oh, and yes, when I pay for something, I am owed that something.

      • Should have refreshed before posting that clarification.

        But yes, I’m not giving them any more of my money, this is the language that businesses understand. Actions need to have consequences and when Sony tries to screw you, if you just bend over and pucker up, you are part of the problem. Maybe you won’t make a huge difference, but letting them get away with crap like this, means that they’ll just do worse in the future.

      • And there you have it, anger.

        its funny how quickly a person can become enraged after hearing about a serious instance of piracy.
        and of course this is just the start!

        more people will start hacking and pirating, which means sony will have to take more actions and eventually more people are going to get pissed.

        if sony doesn’t put a end to these hacks soon, well then by 2012 we might very well be living our last days

        computers will be broken, controllers thrown and once these angry people venture outside, well who knows the damage they could cause
        now, imagine that event on a worldwide scale.
        (yeah, this is going to get pretty crazy)

    • “Back in those days a £40 PS1 game was selling for £5 and they sold thousands of them every week just at the one Sunday market I regularly witnessed.”

      Huh, thousands. Imagine how many games would be sold if official games were sold for that little.

      • Taxes, distributors, retailers and game development are all things that a publisher (like Sony) has to take into account when selling a game. Someone who stole it and sells it on the black market can put 100 % of the 5 pound in their pockets.

      • Yeah, that’s true. I’m just imagining a perfect world, where a £5 game would sell 10 times the amount, creating the same amount of profit, allowing people to buy 10 times more games.

        Oops, meant to post my last post under the colossalblue’s post further up.

      • Blackmarkets sell it significantly low because they benefit from it all – no credit is given to the developing team, the publisher or correctly addresses the added value each production stage gives. Therefore, everyone loses from this – time spent in producing, profits that don’t reflect the true figures because of this leakage. The loss of revenue or profits cannot reward employees for bonuses properly (indirectly although continuous piracy drains opportunity costs of investment for business). Encouraging black market only benefits the seller and supposedly the consumer although play their own part in supplementing such markets that cheat the industry.

  8. I have 2 copies (1 Helghast edition, and 1 standard) preordered. I have no intention of changing this. For gaming’s sake, I hope Guerilla and Sony can sort this. Maybe a patch that checks that the disk is inserted, and if not, bricks the console? Of course, such a patch would need to be more thoroughly tested than usual, I think!

    • How comes your getting two copies? :)

      • Maybe the standard for playing and the helghast ed. just for show?

      • I have 2 PS3 consoles. I have family that comes to visit, and can thus play on one console while I play the other. Piracy would be a lot cheaper, but at the end of the day, Guerilla have put a lot of work into this, and I don’t begrudge them a penny.

  9. Well it’s not the first time a PS3 game was leaked early. Same thing happened with Mass Effect 2, though it was only by 5 days.

    Still sad to see though, but this happens when we gets close to release, as it takes some time to get it pressed and delivered to the stores, which means lots of hands can get hold of a copy early.

  10. Awesome. This thread is turning into one that could be on the joystiq pages. Grow up the pair of you.

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