Amazing Killzone 3 LBP2 Level

LittleBigPlanet 2 levels work best when they stick to platforming conventions but throw in a bit of innovation too.  Like this one, based on the Killzone series and whilst still a 2D platformer it riffs on the best bits of Guerrilla’s shooters and features some familiar enemies.

The intro alone is worth the play, but stick with the level until the end for a cool boss battle.  Great use of cut-scenes and some clever elements make a short but impressive level.


There’s also this one, from Kevin Middelbos, which plays a little bit like Doodle Jump but with Killzone characters!

Thanks, @killzonedotcom.



  1. say whuuuut? i know what i’ll be playing tonight! :D

  2. Has a few balancing issues but the cut scenes are great. I’m pretty sure the button which pops out on the right during the boss fight might be a more effective way of beating it

  3. Played both of these. Had issues with both. Wasn’t impressed.. At all

    • What issues did you have with ‘Back to Helghan’?

      • Missing proper instructions, controls are too slow and the visuals just remind me of the various h4h levels.

  4. I’d love to see this as a weekly feature picking out great LBP levels.

    • Seconded.

    • Same! that would be cool, give us something to play and rate together

    • Many there should be a community competition. I’m thinking something like the contraption challenge that is run by the LBP community over on the EU playstation forums.

      • Something is currently in the works. Keep an eye on the front page!

    • I’d be happy to do it

      • In fact, I actually suggested this 3 weeks ago

  5. Its amazing!!

  6. Impressive level, not so impressive commentary! I wanted to see the level, I don’t really want to watch him trying to find stickers to paint Sev!

  7. That is super sweet, a mini Killzone 3 LBP2 level – ah. I’ll jump in later and give this a shot, I’m loving the amount of dedication from the LittleBigPlanet community lately. With the recent announcement of Hansel and Gretolbot things are certainly looking up for players eager to get their hands on some LBP user created goodness.

  8. Wow – I love it, I love it, I love it :-D

  9. I bet they didn’t play my level!

  10. It’s for the same competition as these levels he posted

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