PS3 Crysis 2 Demo Still Possible – Crytek

Though originally disappointing a sizable portion of the FPS demographic by releasing demos of Crysis 2 for both the PC and Xbox 360, leaving Sonyites out in the cold, Crytek have strongly hinted at a similar early-glimpse for PS3 fans.


Speaking at the recent Electronic Arts “Swing Into Spring” event, Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo reiterated the studio’s inclusive stance when it comes to demos:

We want as many people to play Crysis 2 as possible. I can’t say anything too specific … we haven’t announced [the demo] yet.

Camarillo went on to confirm that the game will be supported with DLC (we’d be more surprised if it wasn’t supported with DLC to be honest) and that there are no disparities between the two console versions. He said:

People can try to find them, but they won’t find anything. They both run great, they both play great whether you’re playing single-player or multiplayer — they’re identical offerings. The quality is outstanding on both of them; there’s really no difference.

Be that as it may, we know a few people who are unlikely to take Camarillo’s word for it and will be counting pixels into the wee hours of the morning come March 25th.

Source: PSU



  1. I thought the lead platform was PS3, i’m looking forward to Crysis 2, definately more than the generic Killzone 3..

      • seperately developed my arse, After getting hold of the ps3 & 360 and pc.cfg files I can tell you it is a pc port with medium settings BUT tweaked on each console. The 360 has a slightly higher resolution than ps3 since the ps3 has a lower fill rate. Crytek have pushed both consoles to the absolute limit :)

      • How is it a port, topgear? They said it was all developed concurrently. That doesn’t mean they end up the same but that each one received healthy dollops of love from the dev team(s).

      • First of all developing games from scratch for each platform is very time consuming and expensive. Secondly looking at the .cfg files on each platform:
        They are very similar in configuration except the code has been optimised to squeeze every last drop of power from the ps3.

    • The original Crysis was nothing more than an average FPS housed in above average skin. The mere thought of comparing it to any of the Killzone titles is utter nonsense.

      • Shooting mechanics were average but graphics and the sandbox environment were what made it stand out of the crowd!
        To be honest killzone and cryis should not be compared as the mechanics are VERY different. It’s like comparing Blur to NFS Hot Pursuit.

    • Yet Killzone 3 runs in native 720p and looks great… And Crysis 2… I have my doubts. The sheer fact that it’s same on PS3 and 360 and not better on PS3 sounds fishy to me.

  2. people who actually got to play the 360 demo (not me because it kept crashing) said it was really disappointing. But at least killzone 3 will be there

    • I put a few hours into into it and I enjoyed it. It sold me enough to pre-order it.

      The game play mechanics are really different from any other shooter (on console at least).

      Hopefully both this and KZ3 have a healthy community and good support.

  3. It needs one! I want to try before I buy.

  4. I didn’t think much of it until I seen this tonight. Engaging story with multiple ways to dispatch the goons?

  5. Any demo will come out after launch because trust me if it comes out before people will cancel preorders.

  6. I don’t begrudge the 360/pc exclusive demo, let’s face it we’re being positively spoiled with PS3 content these days.
    But i would always expect to play a demo before buying into a new IP.

  7. Hopefully the demo will come.
    Digital Foundy will find differences between the versions, no doubt.

    • Digital Foundry will highlight any improvements on the 360 version, and bury any areas where the PS3 excels.

      Seriously people still listen to what Eurogamer and Digital Foundry say?

  8. I agree I’d like a demo before I decide whether to buy it or not.

  9. Deffo, needs a demo before I consider handing £40 over! I wanna to know what the fuss is about first :D

  10. Roll on March 1st for the PC demo to help me decide on a buying decision.

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