Final Fantasy Versus XIII Mistakenly Listed For 360?

In the latest edition of Japanese manga and videogame mag, V Jump, Square-Enix’s upcoming action RPG, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, has been listed on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


Due to the fact Versus is one of Squenix’s biggest releases this year, it’s highly unlikely that any major announcements would be made in the infobox of a magazine without web dwellers getting a sniff of the platform change first. We can probably mark this down as a typo.

Update: Well, that was quick. V Jump have responded on Twitter that it is indeed a typo.

Source: andriasang



  1. something’s telling me that there’s something deep in the water, I smell delay.

    • How can you delay a game that has no release date?

      • you just wait and see, it’s square enix, took them years to get FFXIII out.

      • My Mohammed, you miss his point. If there is no release date, even if it ends up releasing in 2027, then it’s not delayed, since it was never stated when it would be released in the first place.

      • Its so annoying when people play that card. Because a release date has not been given to the public, that does not mean a project has not been delayed internally. It happens all the time. It would be silly to think a company doesn’t have a release window in mind for any project they are working on.

  2. Good that it’s (apparently) a typo, I would much prefer it if they keep this exclusive until they’ve actually finished the game. I want Tetsuya Nomura free to get started on a ps3 Kingdom Hearts 3 asap

  3. Could do – just as Gears of War drops on the NGP/PSP2 this will be announced for the 360.

    • I could actually see Gears of War coming over to one of Sonys consoles (especially after seeing just how much Epic seems to love the NGP)
      but hopefully it doesn’t happen because i can see Versus getting screwed over on both sides if its released on, well, both systems instead of just one.

      but whatever, personally i just want to see some havoc.

      • It will happen dude. Cliffy ‘The Prick’ B knows the Dark Side is the only way to go ;-)

  4. I think Square are going to focus all of their efforts on the PS3 version and just a few weeks before release they will annouce that it will be on the xbox as well. I just hope this will go back to it’s roots and not be like 13 where it was very linear and had a crap battle system and it followed this formula
    cutscene,battle,cutscene,battle,boss battle, p*ssed off gamer,battle repeat. @the people who mentioned Gears of War, it would be confusing if that did happen as GOW would be mixed up with GOW.:P

    • Loved the battle system. As for the “battle, cutscene, battle…” part: isn’t this basically how every other game that involves battles works?

      • I agree with you man, the battle system was probably the best it has been in years, probably the strongest part of the game. I want to see traditional “levels” come back into it, but keep some of the customization the Crystarium and Sphere Grid from FFX had.

      • I hated the battle system. it was very dumbed down. It seemed like most of the time i was just pressing x to repeat the same moves without having to worry about running out of MP. Also i hated the fact that at the end of every battle you would have all your health reset and you can only control one member. The other Final Fantasys allow you to explore towns, this one doesn’t. it just go from point a to point b. I heard it opens out near the end of the game but that is just unacceptable and they got rid of a lot of FF elements.

      • I’ll agree with you with the linearity, I prefer exploration myself, but if all you were doing with the battle system was mash X, then you weren’t getting all there was to give from the battle system. The paradigm structuring was great, added a really good strategic element to your fights.

  5. I don’t see this coming to 360 to be honest. With XIII they were very vague on the exclusivity but they have been really firm on this one. I remember reading that Nomura fought for the game to remain exclusive, which I really hope it does so Nomura can get to work on KH3. A lengthy porting process will prevent that.

  6. I’m glad this isn’t coming to 360, I want it out quickly and without any restrictions brought on by it having to work on 360 aswell.

    • do not think it would have worked on the 360 anyway

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