SOCOM 4’s Dynamic Online Co-Op Detailed

When it launches in mid-April, SOCOM 4 won’t just offer an explosive single-player experience tied to Zipper’s renowned competitive multiplayer, it will also include an online co-op mode which can seat up to five gun-slingers. Players will be able to choose from a variety of maps and objectives, also being able to tweak how many enemies are present as well as how competent they are. From what’s shown in the video below, it looks like a hoot, and something which has a lot of potential in terms of replay value.


Is anyone else slightly more convinced to go out and buy a Sharpshooter now?

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Personally I was hoping for the whole campain being co op but beggars can’t be choosers. Hopefully it will be as much fun as terrorist hunt mode in RSV2.

  2. I haven’t been impressed at all by this so far, it seems they made SOCOM into a Move-focused, generic FPS. I can see the 42 Metascore now sadly (if it actually gets 42, I want a medal of some description!), still hoping it can prove me wrong.

  3. Im looking forward to Socom and initially considered getting the sharpshooter for Killzone 3 since its implemented well. Being the devs also helped to work in producing the sharpshooter I will definitely use it for Socom when it arrives.

  4. Heres hoping me and 4 buddies can turn enemy intelligence to low and spawn rate to maximum!!

  5. will there also be offline co-op or any multiplayer offline modes,if not i don’t think i will get it as my internet connection is too slow for online gaming.

  6. I was also hoping for the single player campaign to be played co-operatively !

  7. I’ve got one it looks cool, but it’s not the easiest thing to get used to. I’m struggling on KZ3 to look around and not move at odd angles.

  8. I enjoyed Confrontation which got dogged a bit and I like the look of this, hopefully it’ll have a demo because it really seems built around the Move capability and might convince a lot of people if it’s done really well.

  9. Coolio

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