SOCOM 4 Post Release Update Detailed

Despite not even being available yet, Zipper has gone into detail about a post-release SOCOM 4 patch, expected in April. The full list of improvements can be found below:

  • Multiplayer camera pulled further behind character (cuts off at around the mid-to-upper thigh)
  • Multiplayer camera field of view has been widened by roughly 20%
  • Firing accuracy has been improved for all weapons and aim modes; first few shots are substantially more accurate (with less accuracy the longer full-auto is employed)
  • Considerably increased horizontal and vertical recoil to all weapons in ACOG and Red Dot views
  • Decreased effective range of all SMGs
  • Reduced throw distance for all grenades
  • Made improvements to the HUD to make teammate names display above their head if they are onscreen; removed allied names (leaving only icons) when spotting friendlies at a distance;
  • Made adjustments to XP system so that it takes longer to gain character and weapon mod levels
  • More to come, stay tuned…

I guess this is where having a beta really pays off, and Zipper have proven with MAG that they are more than willing to continuously evolve and refine a game.

Source: SOCOM Forums via ShopTo



  1. Wow they’ve more or less completely nailed everything that people were complaining about in the beta

    • Only thing they need now is for the hit/sound indicator to only show the direction people are shooting from, not what their bullets hit.

      Can be very annoying when you turn to look at the person and instead u face an object being lit up by rounds

      • they need to FIX communication — holding up directional to use mic is absurd.

  2. wow, a company that has a beta and actually listens to the feedback, well done zipper.

    • lol i know what you mean. Most beta tests I’ve played I see a multitude of problems that still make it to the final release. You sit there and wonder what was the point of testing it for them

      • recent one that springs to mind…..KZ3.

      • Definately. Don’t get me wrong, the game is still fun to play from time to time, but it would have been a lot better if they had listened to the huge list of problems that people put together for them.
        I would have preferred it if they had done the beta earlier so they could have taken the comments on board and made the changes before the final release. Instead, the beta was still running after the game had gone gold and had been sent to reviewers….. :| very backwards way of doing things imo

  3. It feels like this is the way all SCE published games are heading, to have a MP beta-demo type thing with release code, and then patch on day one with a bunch of fixes. The effect is two fold: you get a more polished game on day one, and it stalls piracy.

  4. Good to hear. No doubt we’ll hear the usual ‘Patch close to release’ comment or something.
    Slightly off topic: Does anyone know if you can switch shoulders? (or whatevr you call it lol) I found it a bit of a hinderence constantly aiming over the right one.

  5. you had me at camera… “multiplayer camera pulled further behind character.”
    this is the big adjusment is was hoping for.
    full character, centre screen, hinderd yourr aim/vield of vision.
    (looking forward to release now :)

  6. trust me, the so called “vets” will still complain about something, they are just a bunch of whiny babies who just want this game to be EXACTLY the same as Socom 2…graphics and all.

    I just hope that the patches actually improves the game for everybody rather than making it dull and unconvincing. as it is now in the beta I really like it, so I’m not really interested in too many changes, it’s already hard to see enemies far away, so not sure how bringing the camera back further will affect that, hopefully doesn’t make it impossible to see enemies at long distances (It may have something to do with being on a 32inch CRT screen at 1080i)

    I just hope they patch the bomb tech and Uplink Data icons so that you can see them at a glance rather than stopping and looking for them.

    • So you’ve never been passionate about a franchise only to see it completely bastardized? I think that is why the Vets are upset.

      • that’s just it though, a lot of “vets” actually like this game, but the few that shout about everything get heard all the time, being passionate is one thing, but idiotic views about how this game is nothing like Socom 2, (that’s because it has a 4 at the end) and that they won’t buy it instead making petitions to have Socom 2 HD be made, is all you see on the forums.

        they actually think that if they don’t buy this game they will force Zipper to make Socom 2 HD? they don’t seem to grasp that if this game fails to sell, Zipper will be forced to move on to other none Socom developments.

        this is not Socom 2, it was never meant to be, plus they had to change something, Socom vets are a dying breed, and Socom was never really a MASSIVE hit, it sold pretty well, but not by today’s standards.

        It doesn’t matter how similar this game was to Socom 2 (even if it was just a reskinned Socom 2, these morons would still be moaning about something…

        it’s a simple thing really, No Likey No Ligh…er…playee

      • I must admit I really liked the Socoms of past, even Confrontation. I’m no vet but this Socom just doesnt have the feel of past games.
        It seems to me that like most other developers out there they have tried to copy a lot of CODs ingredients. Now I for one used to play a lot of COD 4 but got bored of it. To me that franchise has stagnated in the later versions.
        I was hoping Zipper were going to do their own thing with this version but they seem to have completely ignored past versions of what the games had, lobbies, the text chat, the character movement, customization etc.
        Why is it that many games from the previous generation of consoles had much more content in them than a lot of todays releases? I dont understand why developers cant just build on that rather than (sorry for the term but) dumbing down games or making them more accessible.
        I think this is why a lot of the Vets have asked for a remake even though Socom 2 had a lot of bugs and problems.
        Just seems to me that for how much better the graphics/ resolution of games have improved in this generation they have something missing from them which hasnt transfered over from the last.

      • I believe that it is actually the memory of the experience rather than the actual experience itself, plus don’t forget, you can always fantasise that a game you played back when you were a kid is better than any game now, but the actual reality is that it’s just in your head.

        I can understand that losing the lobbies may come as a shock to some of those socom vets, but they have to understand that it is mostly their own fault for such a decision to be made, it put a lot of people off playing socom games, as new players would be kicked from a game, or even harassed then kicked just because they found it funny. ;)

        and this is not COD, it may now have air-strikes, but that isn’t really a shocking thing to include in a tactical shooter…people seem to assume that socom was all about tactics…but if you go and look at some of the footage on youtube all you will see is close quarter gunfights of people strafing side to side firing aimlessly at each other until one of them dies…where are the tactics in that?

        people are even complaining about the zooming in while firing? I’m pretty sure that is a good tactic in a TACTICAL shooter…don’t get me started on cover.

        I just find it hilarious reading all this bullshit about how they’ve taken out all the tactical gameplay of the past, when the reality is that they’ve actually added to the tactical gameplay mechanics.

        oh and Confrontation was terrible.

    • now, i’m not a socom 2 vet, and i love the beta for socom 4.

      that said? it’s a terrible thing to take a franchise and change it completely. if you’re going to massively change gameplay, make it a spin off. imagine if Final Fantasy turned into a tactics game, or a fighting game? Of course not… they just spin off new games for those different genres.

      But then take something like Fallout… turning a turn based RPG into an FPS RPG is major, and will piss off all the fans that MADE it a franchise in the first place. if those fans hadn’t been putting Fallout in top ten lists for the past decade, we’d never have seen FO3… so in changing the game, you’ll piss off your fanbase.

      Do i mind FO3? Nah. But i do wish it had been a spin-off, and that they were still going to make an ‘old’ style Fallout.

      And i think Socom fans feel the same way — sure, Socom 4 is great fun, but it’s not like Socom 2 from what i hear. it’s a valid complaint. if Socom fans weren’t passionate, the franchise would be dead already, with no S4 for anyone.

      • yes, ok that’s not a bad point, but it also brings up the stupidity factor of so many of the whining ninnies out there, they complain that COD is always the same game with a new skin, then they complain that Socom 3, Socom confrontation aren’t the same as Socom 1 and 2…you can’t have it both ways, (The only game that I can remember that disproves that theory, that has grown and developed every time with each installment is Assassins Creed)

        and Fallout changed because not many people enjoy turn based games (I hate them) and it seemed to work out pretty well for them. what these people don’t understand is that times have changed, games have changed, socom may not have ever had things like zoomed aiming, kill perks, unlocks or whatever else is different now, but the fact is that games back then didn’t really have those types of things anyway, you were just happy to see some half decent looking pixels…though nice looking pixels mean nothing when you have a view like this guy.


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