Lead Designer Behind Socom 4 Leaves Zipper

Word on the net today is that Socom 4’s Lead Designer, Travis Steiner, has left Zipper Interactive. One of Zipper’s Community Managers dropped the word on Twitter over the weekend that Travis was leaving to pursue a “start up opportunity.” We get the feeling based on their wording that Travis was planning a break before Socom 4 launched but wanted to wait until the game released before leaving the company.

No word an what this start up opportunity is but one would think it has to be pretty promising to leave a developer as large as Zipper.

Source: Twitter



  1. Maybe because SOCOM 4 failed, he got emptied!

    • Has socom 4 failed? I think there is quite a bit of criticism from some of the hardcore fanbase because the online is easier but from what I played of the beta it’s pretty good, and I’m a few missions in on the SP and it’s seems solid.

  2. Im gonna get socom soon ;-)

  3. Socoms neva interested me, hope it goes well

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