New SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Maps Footage

Zipper has released a couple of videos which take us through previously unseen multiplayer maps, titled ‘Von Heine Express’ and ‘Cesspool’.

“Von Heine Express was actually one of the last MP maps we finished; the idea behind it was to create an environment that captured the spirit of our classic SOCOM II map, Fox Hunt, but was built on the themes of SOCOM 4 and made for great sniping scenarios. Set on the coast of Southeast Asia in a makeshift military base that comes complete abandoned train cars

Cesspool was one of the earliest MP maps developed for SOCOM 4 and it came about because of how much we loved the thematic from our “Means to an End” single-player mission. Set about half-way through the game, “Means to an End” takes place in a city slum currently under siege by the insurgents lead by SOCOM 4 antagonist, General Razad.

That SP mission was only an inspiration, though, and Cesspool was created entirely from scratch and is excellent for close-quarters combat-oriented players.”

Check out the videos below.


Source: US PS Blog



  1. they look nicely done, I haven’t played SOCOM before so can’t really comment, but as long as the balance on the maps are good, then you definitely can’t go wrong. KZ3 is a great example, looks fantastic but they are so unbalanced, most maps don’t work and are terrible to play.

  2. Tried to play the beta a couple of nights ago and gave up waiting for the updates to download :( Shame as the game looks good judging by the trailers. Ahh well, too much to play as it is at the moment!

  3. Is the game still a 3rd person shooter and not a FPS?

    • Still 3rd person yes, Although I still feel the camera could be a little further back from where it is, hopefully that will be patched in!

    • Yes it’s in 3rd person but when aiming and pressing R3 you can aim down the sights in first person.

  4. Okay, it seems to me that these are actually good graphics. But they design levels like they’re designing levels.. that is to say, they don’t look organic; they look as though they were using a level editor and put some stuff around a generic ‘game’ landscape.

    In comparison, the Call of Duty series has, to be frank, awful graphics, but are great at level design (most of the time) and in my opinion level design immerses me into to a game more than texture detail or fancy lighting. (Though don’t get me wrong, I do study both of those things in games too.)

    And as much as I love the series, Resistance has NO concept of level design for it’s multiplayer maps.
    Anyway, that was my three pence

    • you’ve not played the beta then? the levels so far a pretty damn good, lot’s of routes to take plus the dust effects and lens flare really add to the immersion into the areas.

      really can’t wait to get my hands on the single player campaign…hope it’s as good as the online beta has been so far.

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