New SOCOM 4 Solo Campaign Trailer

The latest trailer for SOCOM 4 is in, this time focusing on the single player campaign. Many of you have already played the beta, and you will be pleased to know that Zipper has taken on board your feedback and will be releasing a patch for the retail game to iron out any niggles.

Due for release this week, you can expect TSA’s review soon.

Source: YouTube



  1. Due to release this week ?

    • this wk? since latest mp update, no match connection possible.
      expecting a delay, or at least a day1 patch.
      (the position adjustment of the character in the update, was a must for me to see to confim a purchase, but have yet to see.
      guess ill have to trust they did it right 2nd time around)

      • oops “releasing a patch for the retail game to iron out any niggles”
        like no mp match connection

  2. nice hope it plays well

  3. Couldnt be arsed waiting and faffing with the Beta. Will get this just not a day one.

  4. The dudes in this trailer are bait. Trying a bit too hard.

    The best games don’t need someone telling you how good it is. Reminds of those shit movie trailers with public interviews.

    • it’s not exactly a new thing you know.

      it’s the same thing the dev’s of Dead Space did, and, of course they have to try hard to sell, Socom isn’t as well known as “vets” would want you to believe, plus they are competing against a lot of well established TPS/FPS games.

  5. I thought it was due out on the 22nd?

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