PlayStation Access: Glasgow – Part 2

This is part 2 of a blog about my experience of the PlayStation Access event in Glasgow on the 19th of February. You should read part 1 first, so have a look over here.

After consuming more pizza and Red Bull, I headed over to play Sports Champions with Murdo. This is the worst possible place to start part 2, since I’m going to have to explain that he completely destroyed me in the Gladiator mode and schooled me in the art of Table Tennis. It didn’t matter at all, though, because soon after Robert came across with a t-shirt that he had won for playing the Archery on Sports Champions and told us that there wasn’t actually a raffle and you just had to give your ticket to the people at the front to get free stuff. Free stuff! I love free stuff, Murdo loves free stuff and we both had tickets to get free stuff! Perfect.


You might have noticed I said I won the “best prize ever” in part 1; I wasn’t joking. The woman told us we had won a “press kit” and we thought that it would be a cool goodie bag or something. We were so, so wrong; it was in fact a brilliantly made wooden box, with a hand painted God of War insignia on the front. Inside the box lay a fold-out leaflet, a scroll, art cards, a coin with Kratos’ head on it and, of course, the game itself. By the Gods, it was glorious; I wish I could have seen the amazement on my face as I opened the box. I’ve included a picture of it in the gallery at the bottom so you can see for yourself…

It was almost time for us to meet the people from Media Molecule, but Colin was too busy getting beaten at FIFA to join us straight away. This was definitely one of the highlights of the day; I loved it so much that I wrote an article on it instead of just a paragraph, so you can read my full report instead. During this session, Alex also appeared and after a brief conversation, we went to play all of the games at the event. Now the TSA team was full, and it was time for me to go and play more games to get more free stuff!

I had to get at least four thousand on the Archery on Sports Champions to win, and after about four tries I did. I got a nice The Fight t-shirt, but it just didn’t compare to the God of War kit; I don’t think anything could, as I said: it was the best prize ever. There was still an hour and a bit to go, so I went to play more MotorStorm, more inFamous (choosing the evil route this time) and more SOCOM, opting for the DS3 instead of Move this time round. It wasn’t long until the final of the FIFA tournament was taking place and instead of it being confined to one screen, all of the FIFA screens showed the match at hand; it was a nice touch.

PlayStation Access would soon be over but I didn’t want to leave. If I could have done, I’d still be there right now playing all of the games and having a lot of fun; it was simply fantastic. As the televisions started powering down, I felt sad, but it wasn’t over yet, as we had to get pictures with the giant Sackboy that was there! After having our picture taken, we got interviewed about what we enjoyed about the event and then it was time to leave.

The games were great, the competitions and prizes ruled, the staff were all very awesome and nice and it was great to meet up with my comrades from TSA. It had just been a brilliant day overall, and to top things off, on exit we were given bags with swag including a mug, a mini Sackboy, badges, a poster and art cards. The day couldn’t get any better.

That was until a trip along to GAME straight after the event ended up with the manager letting me get a hands-on with the 3DS after a brief discussion; it made one of the best days out ever even better, and I was really impressed with how it worked. The highlights of the event had to be getting to play LittleBigPlanet 2 with Tom and winning the awesome God of War press kit. Sony have outdone themselves and given me one of the best days out in a long time; it was a great service to PlayStation fans and it was everything I could hope for.

Can we have these events more often, please?



  1. Sounds like Playstation put on quite an event.

  2. Is it me or do you all have the same hair? ;P

  3. can i just say, in pic 1, that is an awesome tshirt.

    that god of war box looks cool too, but for some reason, those art cards remind me of bear mats, maybe that’s just because i could murder a pint right now. ^_^

  4. Surely you shouldn’t have been given the GOW press kit as you are under 18.

    • shhhhhhhh don’t let anyone know that

    • That’s what Robert pointed out. But I still got it and it’s awesome.

  5. I’m so jealous, I a little bit hate you. Not much. Just a teensie bit.

  6. Who are the people in pic4?

    • Left to right: Colin (Colinbarr66), Robert (wick15), Adeel (AdeelHero), Me (CaptainMurdo) and Blair (mynameisblair).
      Unfortunately Al (nofi) doesn’t appear properly in pictures. He must be a vampire or something. Not like that Edward Cullen though, he’s even dreamier.

  7. Blair, you are cool. Red band = WIN.

    • Yeah! Even the cool people on TSA have red bands.

  8. maybe you could use the GOW3 press kit as a prize for a comp?

    I am so not jealous of you right now. Curse you Dover for being the most crappiesy town in england. how did you get given that since you are under 18? Lucky sod. When i tried to get a game that is 18 i always end up failing. Okay, how many times did you beat Nofi?:P

  9. Looking like a pretty swell time. Does anyone know if glasgow has some sort of gaming festival that anyone could just go to? i’d love to go somewhere like this again. The only one i’ve ever been to was in edinburgh when i was about 12.

  10. Love to go to one of these events :(

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