SOCOM 4 Gets “Full Deployment” Edition

Sitting on the fence about SOCOM 4 and PlayStation Move, or maybe both? Well here’s something which could help make your mind up. Launching alongside the regular version of Zipper’s long awaited tactical team-based shooter is the “Full Deployment” edition. Aside from a copy of the game, players can expect the PlayStation Eye, one PlayStation Move controller, one PlayStation Nav controller, and the newly released Sharpshooter attachment.

Purchased separately, the contents of the Full Deployment edition would easily run you past the £150 mark, though Sony are retailing the bundle at $150 (roughly £90, give or take.) It’s an ideal entry point to the Move experience, and before you ask, yes SOCOM 4 performs well with motion controls, even better than a Dualshock 3 some would argue.

Sony have yet to confirm if the bundle will become available in Europe, though it may be likely, as it presents the industry giant with a second chance to reach out to consumers, especially the hardcore tangent who maybe weren’t sold the first time around.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog


  1. If £90, it could actually persuade me to buy it since I need a second Move controller anyway.

  2. It’s a great deal, I have to say I’d be tempted if it came to the EU.

    • Same here, I dont have move, Looking forward to the SOCOM beta/demo? to see if I like the game. If I do, This pack may well be in my sights

      • In your sights? I see what you did there :oD

      • completely unintentional but i’ll take the praise =D

  3. Not sure about the sharshooter attachment. I think my mrs will just take the piss out of me if I use it.

    • There is always the danger of that, plus my son adopting it as his new toy. I’d definitely like to try before I buy though.

  4. got the sharshooter attachment yesterday for kill-zone 3 and i must say it does work it takes sum time to get use to it but after you get use to it you will be unstoppable

    • That’s good but do you have anyone walking past making sarcastic comments whilst your aiming down you plastic toy gun – that’s what my mrs would do !!!

      (I still want one though!!!)

      • nope unless your planing on jumping over you chair to get into cover

    • Same here, it’s pretty cool. I don’t normally play FPS games due to getting motion sickness (don’t ask), but found it easier to play Killzone 3 with the sharpshooter and i managed three hours non-stop before i got tired.

  5. A tempting deal,it would be great if it came to th EU. However I still want to try the game in a demo before I buy.

  6. I went to a PS Move event in Seattle about 4-6 months before Move came out mainly to see this game & hopefully try it. Sadly the guys that brought the game were only there for the media time & not the public time. People said they had to catch flights. I was bummed. This bundle will probably get me to finally get Move.
    The disc golf game almost did.

  7. I’m interested in hearing what the sharpshooter is like to use.

    I got a cheap rifle before Xmas and although it functions fine, the way i have to hold it means the navi is in my right hand so traditionally is the wrong thumb to be using it for movement.

    £40 for some plastic is quite a lot to shell out though so would probably need some playtime on it first.

    • it’s fully customizable, so if you’re a lefty you’ll be able to set it up to how you like it.

      no other peripheral so far has taken advantage of the expansion slot on the move, which this does.

      will definitely be getting it, though not this bundle as I already own 2 moves 1 navi :).

      anyone who needs to see this game in action look at’s latest show…see a female White Tiger stab a guy in the nuts, and a girl jerk off holding a big gun (:)) plus lots of infamous 2 stuff.

      • That last sentence was very disturbing, i hope you relise that.

      • yeah but it’s all true…watch the vid it all makes sense :) (and it’s quite funny)

  8. Thats a really good deal!

  9. It will probably be more than £90.
    The Killzone 3 Mega Bundle:

    is pretty much the same, yet costs £165.

    • Bit of a joke that deal as it’s all separate items that can be purchased cheaper individually.

    • This is GAME here, they like to charge pretty much what they want. You can’t compare the two as they aren’t the same, SOCOM is all wrapped up in one proper package and SONY will be wanting to tempt people to Move with a decent price point.

  10. If this turns out to be the price point then I think I’ll more than likely take the plunge.

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