Home Reaches 1.5, Gets New Features

PlayStation Home continues to grow, finding much favour with those that frequent the online service – it’s evolved considerably since the early days, and whilst it still appears alien to outsiders, Home has plenty of fans who have found the virtual spaces to be something of a regular haunt.

Indeed, Sony are boasting some great numbers tonight during the GDC conference: 19 million downloads with an average online session lasting around 70 minutes.  The recent racing game Sodium, part of Home’s rapidly expanding array of built-in entertainment, has seen 1.6 million people trying it out – impressive.


But the big news is version 1.5, which is set to hit our screens sometime in Spring.  This new version of Home will sport online multiplayer, better graphics and animation, richer physics and a bigger focus on games – from, we’re told, “first-person shooters with real-time, peer-to-peer multiplayer to kart racers and more”.

As if to verify these claims, Sony have released a trailer for Lockwood’s SodiumTwo.



  1. This might actually convince my to try Home out once more.

  2. I am convinced that in around a year to two years from now, is where HOME should have been from the start!

    • It’s good now, plemty to see, plenmty to do and 99% of it is totally free. Sodium (1) is utterly fab and the new Stardust style shooter is also rather fun.

      What home needs a decent graphics engine upgrade to make things run smoother.

      • was Sodium the game where you battle loads of mechs/bots in an open landscape that gave you about 3-4 levels free, and all you had to do was buy the outfit (something like £1.50) to unlock the whole game?

        thought it was such a great game, only played the free portion though at the time, all it needs is better advertising, and people to stop jumping on that bandwagon of “oh it’s got nothing to offer” or “it takes ages to download”

        to those people I’d say
        1. it’s free
        2. stop moaning you ungrateful git’s
        3. IT’S FREE

        I think their graphics are pretty good as they are, but, I’m all for better smoother graphics with some decent physics…maybe even some Assassins creed parkour…or am I being too greedy

        ever wondered what the top of the PS HOME building looked like?…well Bam

      • Don’t fully agree with you

        Standing around is free, trying some things out maybe free, but doing anything meaningful can cost.

        And there is of course the opinion that the standard PS experience accessible through the XMB is somewhat light of social features, where Sony’s time & development money might have been better spent – Gamelaunching from an XMB text/voice chatroom? Yes please, robust features to keep a group of people together as they go from one game to the next always keeping in the same XMB or in-game lobby? Yes please. Stuff like that is worth a 1,000 Homes

        For me they need to make Home accessible through a web browser accessible via a PC or the PS3’s browser (which of course would need some development to bring it up to date) but more people would be able to use it, providing further revenue opportunities to Sony, fans of Home would be able to check-in & stuff when they’re away from their PS3s and most importantly I could stop clicking on its frickin icon by mistake when I visit the PSN Store ;)

  3. Whoa, sounds impressive.

  4. Home will be the ace up Sony’s sleeve in regard to a cloud based gaming interface. maybe not for the PS3 but definitely the PS4.

  5. Cathaloh can always do with more free stuff.

  6. It’s just so slow :| I would try Home again, but I cba to do all the downloads D:

  7. Sometimes I enjoy home, its nice when you’ve got friends who use it. Unfortunately that has been dwindling.
    Sodium 2 looks very similar to WipeOut, anyone else think so?

  8. That does sound promising but i’ll wait for the update to go live.

  9. This may entice me to try it out again. Or maybe not. It’s the downloading that turns me away from it really. Prefer to be playing a game.

  10. Think I will stick to Wipeout Thank You.

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