Homefront Live Action Trailer

Homefront is only a couple of weeks away from hitting retail shelves and today we have a new trailer to celebrate its nearing presence. It’s a mixture of live action footage and in-game scenes and while it doesn’t really give us anything new, it does serve as reminder that Homefront is indeed within reach. Check it out.


Source: YouTube



  1. Cant wait to see a review on this, it looks great

    • Me too, keeping my options open on which FPS I should go for next, this looks great.

    • I’m having high hopes for this one myself. Can’t wait.

  2. Waiting for the review. Few games I want this month.

  3. Been loving the look of this for a while. Hope it lives up to its promise.

  4. This game looks awesome. I pre-ordered. Also why is it that every game that hits both 360 and ps3 almost always has the 360 logo afterward. Come on show some love to the ps3 too.

  5. Looking good… I’m excited to see this one in action. :)

  6. really looking forward to this too.

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