New L.A Noire ‘The Naked City’ Trailer

Rockstar has announced that pre-ordering L.A Noire from GAME in the UK will give you access to ‘The Naked City’ DLC. This sees detective Cole Phelps investigate the apparent suicide of a fashion model who is found naked in her bathroom surrounded by a concoction of pills. Has she taken her own life?

Source: Press Release, Video from VG247



  1. Looking good.

  2. The more I see of this the more I want it!

  3. The guy in the still frame reminds me of Christopher Walken.

    • I still can’t believe its took this long into the generation to do proper facial motion capture – it’s night & day compared to everything else.

      • It’s weird seeing facial motions look so realistic. O_o

  4. Mmmmm might have to order from GAME. Try not to use them if I can help it.

  5. Sleek. Although fuck buying it from GAME.

  6. The Naked City? Having watched the trailer, it didn’t at all resemble what initially popped into my mind.
    Still looks awesome though.

    • Does sound like a Late Night Erotic Drama.

    • i thought it meant we’d see something other than cinematics, as so far thats all the game appears to be.
      i understood there was a third person element.

      • @aerobes: thanks i missed this aricle.
        requires a youtube acc for age verification, will set one up now.

        i did read elsewhere that there are no side missions, but this didn’t stop mafiaII from being enjoyable.

      • i missed that article too.

        and it answers some of the questions i had about this game.
        i have to say, now i’m very interested.

      • watched trailer in aerobes link, im sold. no more traliers/spoilers for me.

  7. had this on order from game since last year. not long to go now till we can play it.

    • Did you do it instore or online? If you did it instore you might want to check that there’s not a deposit campaign on the go.

      • good point will check when I pick up DA2.

  8. Is this gonna be one of those “we’ll give you some DLC when you buy the game but then not release any more DLC again” sorta thing…?
    Know what I mean…?

  9. So if I get this on pre-order can I then buy the content from other pre-order incentives as DLC later? I hope so, coz if not I’m not pre-ordering three different copies just to get the full game.

  10. really not sure what to make of this game yet, on the one hand it does look absolutely amazing, the best facial motion capture i’ve seen outside a big budget cg movie, but i don’t know what the game will play like.
    will it be like gta, will it be like those old sherlock homes games? where you have to find clues and talk to people.
    or a mix of the two?

    i mean there’s lots of talking bits, showing off the amazing facial work, but then i’ve seen gunfights and car chases.

    • read somewhere(can’t remember) yesteday, its a mix of h.rain, gta & mafiaII.

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