Dylan Jobe Teases Again – Starhawk?

We’re no stranger to Dylan Jobe’s tweets here at TheSixthAxis, and his latest is just as vague and yet exciting as any.

“The calm before the storm,” he says, a singular, isolated tweet with little substance except the notion that this – like many of his secretive micro-comments – is about Starhawk.


But what’s Starhawk?  It hasn’t been announced, nobody’s talking about it and, officially at least, it doesn’t exist.

In our minds, as well as the thoughts of others, it’s the follow-up to Warhawk, set in space, with a few new twists.  It’s also our seventh most wanted game of the year.

Go figure.



  1. Warhawk – should I get this and have a go as I have never played it. Seen a little bit of it but never played it, is it too late?

    • I play it loads everyday still.

      I can chart the release of every game though dips in the number of people playing. every single major release that has come along has seen the volume of players dip for about a week before fully recovering. However, since the last Crimbo quarter it hasn’t recovered, the BlOps mega release, GT5 mean player numbers are much lower than they have been.

      Of course its all relative, there’s still loads playing, just nowhere near as many.

      Even though I’m an über-fan I’d probably say wait it out & get in at the beginning with Starhawk/Warhawk2/Whatever

    • Warhawk is a brilliant game.

      The fact people are still playing it is a testament to how good it is and even though i personally havent played for a while i would recommend it to anyone with a PS3.

      It is great value for money especially seeing as you can pick up all the expansion packs with the game for a damn good price.

    • I’d recommend waiting it out as well. At this point, everyone still playing has been pretty much playing it for nearly 4 years (Yes it is really that long already), so venturing onto a public server as a new player now will probably be akin to wearing a nice pastry suit at a pie eating contest :)

      • lol

      • Cheers Chaps – Kevling excellent metaphor my friend.

      • Cheers for that Kevling!
        Arguably the funniest thing I have read all day :D

      • the pie is a lie… wait, that sounds wrong. ^_^

        have i done that joke before? i think i have.

  2. I hope I’m not the only one finding these tweets tiresome.
    I’d rather silence or confirmation at this point.
    I’m still excited about the game, mind.

    • I know what you mean, but I think I prefer it this way.

      He was a prolific tweeter before dev of this game started, I’d talk to him about loads of stuff, from politics & healthcare to sport and all sorts of stuff.

      I’d rather hear that they’re just ticking on with whatever it is, they’ve done focus groups, they’ve done internal testing, they’ve delivered builds to Sony – tells me almost all I need to know, but it tells me the most important thing – they’re just getting on with making their game.

      the devs doing a devs job, leaving other people to come up with all the hyperbole

      I can’t stand the 2-3 years of slow leaks & hype that accompany game’s release these days, but that’s obviously my personal preference.

      • Agreed. I find it horrendous and downright frustrating. I guess it’s the gaming equivalent of your favourite musician tweeting “wrote another song last night”. ARGH!

  3. *trembling*

  4. Starhawk has existed for ages in the minds of the Warhawk community. It’s almost as if an entire de facto game structure has been agreed and we’re just waiting for Jobe to tell us that we’ve been right all along.

    Or maybe it’s finished and being released on Friday.

    • I must admit thats what it reminds me of too. That was a great game.

  5. This makes me want a Warhawk meet, who’s in?

    • I’m up for it :-)

    • I too, would also be up for a Warhawk meet. Been playing it a fair bit for the past few days – would be nice to get to know the community a bit better.

  6. You’re really pushing it now, Dylan.

  7. E3 must be when they announce they game.

  8. This game is coming, journalists have seen it in action, just a matter of time….

  9. Public beta testing?

    (I can dream can’t I?)

  10. Hope they announce it soon.

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