Prey 2 Live Action Trailer

Hot on the heels of the game’s reveal earlier this week, a live action teaser trailer for Prey 2 has been released. At first it has a bit of a ‘LOST’ vibe to it – that is until aliens turn up and decide to make human flavoured crisps.

Check out the trailer below.

Source: G4


  1. What trailer?!

  2. Love the trailer, sure does take it’s cues form Lost and Cloverfield. I’m guessing if they have only just released a teaser, the game will not be due until next year?

    • very cloverfield. i’m amazed these hand held cameras can survive alien invasions as often as they do

    • Love the trailer too. Most intriguing.

  3. nice trailer actually, looks interesting.

  4. Very good. Always thought the first game was unappreciated.

  5. Whoa that is incredible. Looking very forward to it. Had a blast on the 1st one on 360.

  6. Wow. That preety good. Wonder how the actual game’s goning to look like.

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