First Prey 2 Information Revealed

The first batch of Prey 2 information has dropped via NeoGAF, and in all honesty it doesn’t sound anything like Prey at all. The game has been in development for three years, and has been restarted several times. It seems the Xbox 360 is the lead platform (uh oh). You play as Killian Samuels, a sheriff and prison guard.

The game’s producer claims Prey 2 is “heavily inspired by Mirror’s Edge, but also Mass Effect, Riddick and Blade Runner”. No multiplayer is planned, and Move, Kinect, and 3D are also a ‘no’ at the moment. The game has an open world structure – “Go wherever you want, talk to whoever you want, do the missions you want”.


It seems Killian is pretty flexible, as he will be leaping, hanging from pipes, balancing on boards, and jumping around structures. The enemy aliens won’t resemble what were in the original Prey, favouring a more human appearance. There will also be “an enhanced Killzone-esque cover system”. The portals will make a return, but there will be fewer of them.

Source: GAF



  1. I share the uh oh feeling.

  2. I’m predicting lazy ports coming. Sounds nothing like Prey. Prey’s only unique feature has been done much better in Portal.

  3. Talk about a redesign!

  4. Let me enlighten you on how the brainstorming meetings went.

    “So… shall we do a sequel to Prey?”
    “Yeh, sure. That sold quite well and had a unique style that people will recognise”
    “Right, ideas people. What’s going to happen this time around?”
    “Not a clue. Um… okay, shall we go out for lunch and have a few jars?”
    “Bang on!”
    {an hour passes where people simply shout out the first thing in their mind}
    “So there we have it. We’ve taken elements from every game under the Sun and will melt them together so they resemble something awesome (or potentially look like the bastard offspring of Amy Winehouse and the Elephant Man).”
    “That’s me done for the day. Great stuff people. Bonuses all ’round”.

  5. So no spirit walks, fewer portals and the aliens look different?

    Well bang goes my interest in the game.

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