Socom 4 To Run At 30FPS

If you’re a fan of shooters, you probably know that frame rate means a lot. Zipper held a developer conference call this morning and announced that Socom 4 will be running at 30 frames per second when it launches next month. While that is a perfectly reasonable level of performance, it won’t come close to touching Call of Duty’s average. There’s sure to be some CoD die-hards that scoff at that number but for me, more important that peak average is consistency. As long as it stays above 30 and doesn’t bounce around too much, it should be more than enough to keep the game running smoothly.

If you want to see for yourself how Socom 4 is coming along and you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you actually have access to the beta that’s taking place right now. All you have to do is head to the PlayStation Store to download the beta client.


Source: Zipper



  1. I’ve heard this is very good. Shame I don’t do plus though to try the beta out.

    • The beta is awesome, the only thing I don’t like is waiting tro respawn on an 8v8 game. I always play 4v4 and in 8v8 you just seem to wait an age if you die early. But it’s a brilliant game if the beta is any indicator, Zipper really seems to have taken a lot of learning experience out of MAG.

      • The beta is FANTASTIC. The forums apparently hate it but as this is my first SOCOM I’m labelled impressed to say the least. Ditto the MAG experience.

      • Honestly, the forums will hate on anything that isn’t SOCOM 2. The series took a slight change of direction and they’re too stuck in the past to give it a chance.

      • Loved mag, think I got rid of it too soon. Been very tempted to get it from the store for 6 quid. Just got to convince my bro he wants it.

  2. Downloading this tonight :-)

  3. Excellent game from what i played! Guys how many maps are there in the beta then?

    • From what I have played it looks like there are 2 maps.

  4. Everyone says CoD does 60fps but I’d be amazed if Black Ops online on PS3 gets anywhere near that. It just feels very jerky for some reason. MW2 on the other hand is a lot smoother.

    Only got to play one game of Socom lastnight as the Beta took hours to download. The part you download from the store downloaded quickly enough. But when I went to start it I had to download another 1.5gb which took forever to download! Was fairly impressed with the one game anyway. Its a lot more tactical than CoD anyway!

    • What isnt more tactical than CoD :x?

      • haha, just seen the 1.5gb download, this is going to take an age, the downlaod from the store took less than 15mins

      • Took my poor PS3 80 mins from start to finish, didn’t even get chance to play the Beat after that.

      • making a cup of tea is more tactical than COD

  5. I thought the beta was just for the US?

  6. CoD needs 60fps because it’s a close field, twitch, run’n’gun shooter.

    SOCOM doesn’t need 60fps, but it needs a steady frame rate (like anything).

    By comparison, M.A.G is only 30fps too and it feels great.

  7. FFS who gives a toss! It dosen’t make a blind bit of difference. Get a grip.

    Internet dweebs really know how to suck the fun out of gaming.

    • Just confirm you’re saying frame rate doesn’t make a difference to gaming?

      Congratulations, you’re one of the 0.03% of the population with acute Fraperactitis, obscuring your ability to notice frame rate tanks, v-sync off tearing and worst of all, frame rate inconsistency.

      Just enjoy it, it’s blessing.

    • It’s about control responsiveness. A game running at 60fps will be twice as responsive at a game running at 30fps. It’s as simple as that.

    • “Internet dweebs”
      Like yourself?

      • Forgot to add – Oh the irony..

  8. There are a lot of angry SOCOM fans on the offical forums, I can’t comment on what they are saying, as I am still downloading it! But most of the comments are digging into Zipper and hopefully gets people the fix they want

  9. Played the Beta last night and wasn’t impressed at all. The spawning takes to long, when dead the camera panning takes forever to load the next. The game doesn’t look that great IMO and I was really looking forward to this. Been let down. Also having no real party system in the Beta? The whole point is to test the servers and find any bugs – a party system is a big part of online gaming and they didn’t even include that (apart from clan challenges, which don’t work in the slightest). Looks like I will skip this now – Zipper you have let me down. =[

    • This is just a Beta, you shouldn’t really count this game out yet.

  10. us socom fans dont wanna play MAG 2 get it zipper! lol and this is not socom they should have called it something else
    they should have named this game : COD meets rainbow six.

    ok they delayed the game to place a cheap classic mode but …..

    RIP Socom Franchise

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