Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Event Mode Now Available

Earlier this week, Capcom released a patch for MvC3 that nerfed Sentinel‘s health and fixed some glitches. It also made way for a new mode which is now available in the game’s online menu. If you already updated MvC3 the other day, there is no need to download anything additional. The mode unlocks as soon as you boot up the game.

Event mode is a pretty simple and basically features a list of challenges. 17 events are available right from the start, but there should be 50 in total. The objectives range from beating the game with diminished health to winning matches online. Some of the more trickier events require the player to do specific moves. For example, in Event Match 07, you can only inflict damage with team aerial combos.


I tried out a few events and learned that you can only select one mission at a time. What’s neat is that the game shows you which event you currently have queued. Some of the challenges are actually kind of difficult. Going back to Event Match 07, since team aerial combos are the only way to inflict damage, you really need to learn long chains to maximize your full potential. When you think about it, this actually helps players in the long run. You’ll also unlock additional titles for your License Card by completing each event.

MvC3’s free Event mode DLC is a fun diversion if you’re looking to get more out of your game. Let’s just hope that Capcom plans on addressing the issues with the online mode. Being able to spectate matches would be nice.



  1. Damn… traded it in for Dissida Duodecium, what a drag :o

  2. the soul blade/calibar series had these.. total pain in the ass but fun none the less

    • Yeah, a few fighting games have had similar modes. Vanilla Street Fighter IV’s challenge tweaked options like this, too.

      I’ve completed about half the events so far. Hopefully the next set have more variety. I’m just missing some online ones now.

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