Warhawk 2: It’s Real, Then.

According to JustPushStart, a select few members of the hardcore Warhawk community were recently called upon to sample what we’ve been calling Starhawk but which currently goes by the name of Warhawk 2.

Yep, it’s real.


Apparently nobody was allowed to take cameras into the event, but by the magic of human memory (and, presumably, a few torn up NDAs), a few details have emerged since.  Namely:

  • There’ll be a story mode
  • Will feature co-op support
  • Will support 32 players online
  • Multiplayer will feature 25 maps
  • The game will contain military vehicles (tanks, motorcycles, aircraft)
  • Bunkers can be built for yourself, but are able to be destroyed by the enemy
  • Improvements have been implemented for the combat system and camera angles
  • The graphics have received a boost as well

Rumours are rumbling that the game will be released as part of Sony’s 2012 exclusive line-up.

We asked Sony for comment (and a copy of the demo) but got the usual “We do not comment on rumour or speculation” line, as expected.



  1. Oh **** son!

  2. A few select hardcore warhawk community members….cc_star then.

    • *looks around*

      • *waves* over here

      • Hello? I’ve clocked up more time than CC_Star, and was in the top 62 people for Death matches.

  3. Well, I just screamed with excitement

  4. 20 blinkin’ 12???

  5. I really hope markjayw didn’t get into this.

    2012. Brilliant. I get to play the game I’ve been waiting 4 years for, just before the world implodes o_0

    • lol, top class

    • He was alright once you spoke to him at his level…I did this once and actually shut him up, I believe the line that did it was “Shut the F*ck up yourself your playing is so sh*t it’s no wonder your number 2 in the world…”

      After that we got on, bizarre how this online thing works!

  6. So that Arabic site wasn’t actually hit baiting then?!

  7. I crawled around screaming. (With joy)

  8. 2012? Flippin’ rumours had me hoping for this year.. Oh well, serves me right for listening to rumours. Still, at least we get XGC in the next firmware update!

  9. Was the xgc comment a wind up?

    • Sorry, should really save comments like that til Friday. ;-)

  10. That all sounds great to me, brilliant fun actually!
    Still hold Warhawk in high regard so it’s about time for a new version.

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