Emergency PSN Maintenanc​e This Afternoon

Another week, another period of PSN downtime as it has been announced that Emergency Maintenance will be undertaken from 16.30 today:

“Emergency Maintenance has been scheduled to take place today 29th March from 16.30PM until 19.00PM.

PlayStation Network users will be unable to use PC registration between 16.00 and 16.15, and if you attempt to use this you will receive a site maintenance notification message.

Between 16.00 and 17.30 if you attempt to access your Account Management, Registration or the PlayStation Store you may also receive the site maintenance notification message.

During the maintenance period you will still be able to Sign In to the Network and continue your gaming session online.”

First person to call cross game chat gets a free cookie.*


*The cookie is a lie

Source: OPC



  1. Cross Game Chat! i winz teh inteenitz xD

  2. Cross game chat?

  3. Emergency Maintenance?
    Wat’s the emergency? Huh..? ;)

    • PSN was going to crash and lose everyone’s stats at exactly 16:01 PM BST is what…

  4. Shit, we’re losing all my favourite foods. First cake, now cookies.

  5. I hate chatting.

  6. As soon I read the word “Emergency” I panicked, then I read “Calm down”, so I calmed down.

    • Then you read “Run across the street screaming like a little girl”

    • Too late, I have already started looting for brain-meats.

  7. I’d have thought new features would be “planned maintenance”, not “emergency”.
    Therefore my call is we’ll see nothing at all ;)

  8. Probably more anti hacking stuff is my guess

  9. hmmmm, my guessin is that if they do not perform this maintenance as soon as possible, a horde of break dancing zombies will be unleashed on the general public from 8pm this evening, prepare to have limbs flying around the streets of a city near you soon!

  10. Is the maintainance anything to do with PS rewards program being removed? probably not

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