First ‘Hawken’ Gameplay Footage

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we brought you the debut trailer for mech game, Hawken? Many of you were pleasantly surprised, especially seeing as it is planned to be a downloadable title rather than retail.

Well here’s some more footage to drool over. This game is certainly on my radar.

Source: Adhesive Games via Destructoid



  1. Woah indeed. Looks beautiful.

  2. This looks sick!

    • I thought it looked quite good actually! ;D

      • ha ha ha – for some reason I imagine you adjusted your monicle, moved your port out of the way whilst adjusting your tweed waistcoat, then this comment was made :-D

      • One did indeed.

  3. WOW! Looks like a great game, top notch graphics too!

  4. Robots? Guns? Sold. Finally I can achieve my childhood goal of “when I grow up, I wanna be ED-209”. In your face, doubting teachers.

  5. Wawa-weewa! Looks like great fun!

  6. Looks amazing! Kinda reminds me of the engine used in Killzone 3.

    • yeah it looks very much like killzone. i’m pretty impressed to say the least!

  7. looks pretty good for a download game.

  8. That poor panda didn’t stand a chance. It was bad though.

  9. Whut? How can this not be retail? Looks stunning!

  10. I usually lose interest as soon as I realize something is about mechs but the trailer looks fantastic. I wonder if the constant wobbleing of the GUI will get annoying after a while.

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