Reminder: MotorStorm’s Out Today

Just a quick reminder, the delayed MotorStorm Apocalypse finally gets an official release today.

The game was delayed a couple of weeks back in respect for the Japanese earthquake, but despite a few copies leaking out via eager retailers, the game gets its official outing today across Europe.


It’s a brilliant game, easily the best in the series so far and absolutely brutal with like-minded friends – let us know if you’re planning to pick it up this weekend.

In the meantime, our 8/10 review of the game is here.



  1. Why did I have to spend all my money on headphones earlier this week?!? First thing on my list when I get paid.

    • what headphones did you go for?

      • Sennheiser HD515. £35 in Tesco down from around £70, a bit Trebbly, but a quick rearrangement of the graphic equaliser soon fixes that.

  2. not for me this time, I didn’t really get into the last one to be honest and wasn’t that keen on the demo.

    • Same here, the demo did nothing for me.

  3. Couldn’t stand the demo. Felt like they had taken everything awesome about the first one and chopped it out :( Is the full game very different to the demo or am I destined to give this one a miss?

    • My feelings exactly! The lack of that festival feeling totally killed this game for me. I like MS and adored PR so it’s a real shame. It’s odd that you mentioned Split Second because the the demo came across as a second rate rip off of that game.

      • “It’s odd that you mentioned Split Second because the the demo came across as a second rate rip off of that game.”
        Doesn’t sound like a bad thing to me – Split Second is/was awesome!

  4. I’m very tempted by this and will definitely be picking it up at some point, but I really ought to try and clear my gaming backlog first!! ;)

  5. Loved MS, hated MS:PR so approached the demo with low expectations & it failed to meet even them, the handling is poor & its all too easy to fatally crash on invisible bits of scenery.

    Not in the same league as Split/Second

    So tomorrow is all about Shift2 for me & I can’t wait.

    • The track on the demo wasn’t the best, there are far better courses in the full game. Overall I’d say the full game is better than split/second, but not by a long shot.

    • This is pretty much what I would’ve said.

  6. Picking this up along with Shift 2 and WWE All Stars. Unfortunately I’m going drunken nights out tomorrow night and Saturday night >< (Thank God work is closed on Monday and Tuesday ^^ )
    Well tomorrow night should be playing WWE All Stars drunk. Motorstorm and Shift 2 will be Saturday during the day and Sunday full day =D

    • Sounds like the ingredients for a good weekend ;)

  7. Interestingly I have found MS:A easier to play than both Motorstorm and PR. I definately crash less than I did, and the 3D is awesome.

  8. Mmmmmm – nice, loved the original MS but didn’t quite get hooked on MS:PR. Very excited to read TSA saying this is the best of the series… lots of racing this weekend I think!

  9. I don’t have the money :'( i just don’t have the money *cries for a bit*

  10. My copy should be here tomorrow. I’m a big fan of Motorstorm games and this one looks like the best so far. I’d probably buy the game either way just to support Evolution Studios. There aren’t enough British game developers as I’d like and it’d be horrible to see any close so they’ve got my support.

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