Xenoblade Chronicles Heading To The Wii In Europe

RPG fans will be happy to hear that after almost a year of waiting, Xenoblade Chronicles will be heading to Europe. The game is an action based RPG where you control the character during battles, but normal attacks will happen automatically at intervals.

As well as the usual range of special attacks, Xenoblade will also have something called the “Visions” system, where the player can see glimpses of the future, and try to react or prevent it from happening.


Head here for the trailer. Now give us The Last Story too.

Source: Nintendo



  1. Xenoblades – first time I have heard of this? Have I been in a cave making home?

  2. cool, from the videos i’ve seen it’s looks pretty good.
    and hell, i’m always up for a new rpg.
    something that’s been lacking a bit from the wii line up, in the west at least.

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