Adrift Becomes PS3 Exclusive

Eagerly awaited action adventure title ‘Adrift’ has been snapped up by Sony and will be exclusive to PlayStation 3. Maybe I’m exaggerating slightly with ‘eagerly awaited’ as no one has seen or heard the game yet, it’s not even been officially announced but that hasn’t stopped me from tracking down details and summarising them for you in one handy news item. 

So what do we know? Well it’s an action adventure title with RPG elements which will be appearing as a full blu-ray release and has been confirmed as PS3 exclusive via multiple leaks.


The game will be arriving in 2012 and is rumoured to be set in a ‘futuristic gothic punk universe’. The description below (via Google Translate) does sound rather good.

The  game is moving towards “adult” with a narrative dimension thrust  and a slick visual style SF, roughly a ‘Heavy Rain’ boosted with hormones in a world of SF .

Finally, I have used my most fearsome web ninja techniques to bring you a little exclusive; I can reveal that the game will feature a character called ‘Edge’.

Actor Tercelin Kirtley has posted his CV online and it lists ‘MOTION CAPTURE: ADRIFT de Sony et Dontnod.  Rôle: Edge’. Monsieur Kirtley has previously lent his moves to Nathaniel Williams, the religious nut job in Heavy Rain and has also worked as a voice artist for Ubisoft.

Please bear in mind that absolutely none of this information has been confirmed, the game has been in development for three years so an official announcement must be on the horizon.

Update: Check out the video below for some concept art (in French).

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  1. sounds good.

    • yeah it sounds good and i hope it will be good competition for the Heavy Rain sequel…

  2. Sounds great, hopefully official confirmation and more details soon!

  3. 3 years??!! Wow. Nice detective work though, to sniff out those tidbits of info. Would love to see more of this game soon though.

  4. Heavy Rain boosted by hormones is a must buy!

  5. Interesting. ^^
    Thanks for these great pieces of information. :)

  6. What’s an SF?

    • I was actually wondering that as well – It’s usually ‘Street Fighter’, but i don’t think that quite fits here! XD

    • Sultry Female, perhaps?

    • I was thinking science fiction. I Luke sultry females better though.

    • Science Fiction

      • I kinda prefer slutty females! :)

  7. E3 2011 is my prediction for details on this.

  8. Just going on the concept art with knights demons and guns, looks a little like a European Onimusha 3

  9. Edge sounds really familiar, wasn’t Edge in Star Ocean The Last Hope?

    • he was in a tag team with a guy called “christian” in the WWF during the golden RAW is WAR years…

      its the same lad, right?

  10. Bloody hells! What is it with adventure games and their excluisivity. First Alan Wake was cancelled on the PS3 and PC, and now this is cancelled on the 360.

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