EyePet Making A Return

Sony has announced that the EyePet franchise is making a return, and this time there is double the trouble as you care for two of the little critters!

“Raise two on your own or together with a friend, let them hatch together or see first how you can handle one of the mischievous fur balls first – the choice is yours, but don’t forget that two EyePets born together may form a stronger bond with each other.”

Using the PlayStation Move you will look after, and interact with the EyePet, with lots of unlockables on offer. You can also earn EyePet Tokens which can be spent in the in-game Pet Store to unlock additional content.

Source: EU PS Blog


  1. …So it’s exactly the same and it’s a new game? Or whatever does “a return” mean?

    • No, there is two now! That’s it though

    • Well.. I suppose two EyePets is different than one EyePet.

    • yea its exactly the samme as the first dunno why they just didnt update Eyepet to have 2 pets on screen instead of wasting money on an unnecessary game

      • They are making money not wasting money!

      • no their wasting money by making a an unnecessary new game when they can just update the current 1 like originally suggested

  2. wonder if this’ll become a yearly franchise? if so I’ll pick it up in a few years when I can have a whole gang of the little blighters, I’ll train them the art of stealth and we’ll take over the world, with an army of fluffy little ninjas.

    • The first game came out in October 2009 and this one is coming out “later this year” so it doesn’t look like a yearly franchise. But i’m in if you can have a family of ninjas!

    • yeah it was more like a patch for move 2010.

      • But it only came out in America last year…

  3. The only Sony pet I would have is an Aibo.

  4. So it is DLC or EyePet 2?

  5. Do we get a new better improved eye camera for it?

  6. My four year old loves playing with eye pet with the move controller so will be interested in any sequel/update. Would like it if you could make eyepet itself look different though as per the new eyepet kinetic mentioned the other day

    • that should have said kinect – sorry mr micorsoft

  7. “You can also earn EyePet Tokens which can be spent in the in-game Pet Store to unlock additional content”
    Now that is a bonus. I still got eyepet and my neice absolutely loves it, but been trying to tell her not to touch the T.V!!! These mucky hands lol.

  8. Im *sure* they talked about having two eyepts in Eypet 1.. I remember writing it up.. hmmm..

    • they sure did why theyre releasing a new game instead o fjust updating the current 1 is anyones guess waste of money if you ask me

  9. HD eye camera,move and with eye pet friends bundle would be great.

  10. Controlling one was tricky enough. I hope they’ve vastly improved the control mechanism as the ‘magic card’ and flapping hands around the screen never really seemed to work. Hopefully they’ll widen the field of light required in the room as well.

    • Works much better with Move

      • True. The card was a nightmare at times, but controlling with Move was a breeze.

      • Agreed. 100% better control over the game if you’re using Move, the PlayStation Eye was riddled with issues when I played it. Switched to move and the game became a lot better.

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